I believe that sometimes, all you need to pull through difficulty in life is to have someone hear you out without judging you, someone who can say some words of encouragement and motivation. Various people stood by me, stepped up for me throughout the course of my life; they offered me guidance, assistance, and care. It is, therefore, natural that I step up for you. 

In our ultra-busy world where most don’t seem to have time for anyone else but themselves, we are launching this experimental service, the os.me helpline.

If you need us, we’ll take time out for you. It’s that simple.

The idea of this helpline, in its current avatar, was conceived and spearheaded by Sadhvi Vrinda Om nearly three years ago but I wasn’t sure how to give it the kind of shape that would do justice to the life guides as well as guidance seekers. So, we sat on it for the longest while. Recently, however, when a lady, barely forty, took her own life, it was a wakeup call. And so, we swang into action and worked on a war footing to infuse life into the idea.

We are starting out with three life guides but as time passes, and depending on the queries, we’ll open up this platform to include other people who wish to contribute in making this world a better place with their skills, commitment, and empathy. 

The os.me hotline is completely free for members or non-members.

You have the option to support your life guide either while asking the question or when you receive their answer, but it’s completely optional. If they touch your heart, you can show your love. 

Here is how this works:

  1. If you are not an existing member then sign up here for your free membership designed just for the helpline. 
  2. Check out the profiles of our life guides.
  3. Select the one you’d like to ask your question to.
  4. Write your question or whatever issue you might be facing. 
  5. Submit and sit tight for a reply.
  6. You will be notified via email when your life guide responds. 
  7. That’s it. You can also support your life guide with whatever you wish to contribute.

The questions you pose and the answers you receive remain private between you and your guide. They are stored on our servers too but, other members or users can’t access or read them.

I would like to thank you, the members of os.me, because had you not been paying members none of this would be possible. Your contribution in the form of subscriptions is helping us build this additional digital infrastructure for you. 

If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here, on this planet, for each other. 

I could not think of a better day to launch the os.me helpline. 
Merry Christmas!

Love and peace,