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Transformative Ideas

Family Matters-1: ‘At night, my room used to be bolted from outside, and I was made to sleep alone, while sometimes I used to hear crying, wailing sounds of my mother being beaten by my father.’ Nalin shares a part of his life with the family. Unfortunately, what he went through is more common than one thinks, especially in Indian households. 

A Divine Surprise: ‘I close the main door and gate and step on the road. An eight-year-old boy comes running from the neighbour’s house.’ Pratik Wadhwa was glum. He stepped out of the house to take a walk. But something unexpected happened. Ah! Nothing extraordinary. This is about finding joy in ordinary days.  

The Art of Being Alone: Neha Singh grew up in a joint family, where having a meal meant sharing the dining table with 15 people. Cut to today, she loves living alone. However, this journey of enjoying solitude needed work, time, and patience. Here’s how she arrived here. 

25 – Daisy the Cow: ‘I’m crying on the garage floor, practically hugging the tyre of my husband’s car, begging him not to leave me, not to get in the car and go to work. I can hear my in-laws shouting…’. Sushree Diya Om is out with the next installment of Confessions of a Merry Monk — a series of personal stories where she shares her life story. This will leave you teary-eyed. 

You Are All You Need to Be Happy: ‘Happiness, where are you, I shout/Right here, an echo, do not doubt/A ray of hope, came glimmering along/Holding my hand, I heard the song’. Sangeeta Sawant captures the truth and beauty of life in this verse. 

Does God Listen to Our Prayers?: Whether you believe in the spirit world, this is a helpful blog. We have all prayed to God at some point in life. Sometimes they are answered. At other times, they go unanswered. Sincerity, intention and faith are key to the result. Anushree Majumdar shares an excerpt from the book Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri. It will add perspective.

What Happens Inside Us?A colleague requests Srinivasan Ramachandran to give a blood sample for a profiling study. He obliges and forgets about it until another colleague asks him to look at his reports. And that’s how his prostate cancer was discovered. A piece of advice from Srinivasan and his gratitude to the guardian powers in this blog.

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Wisdom from Om Swami

Purity of Intention: “Any resources we require to do anything at all in life are already there in the universe in one way or the other. It’s the purity of intention that brings those resources together,” writes spiritual leader Om Swami. Here’s how to achieve that purity. 

The First Step in Meditation: What is the starting point, the stages of sadhana and the feasibility of self-realisation for householders? Hear it from spiritual leader Om Swami who speaks nothing but the truth. 

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Today was the final day of the Sri Suktam Sadhana. May Mother Divine’s blessings make your life more beautiful, meaningful and satisfactory. I could do only nine days of it, but those nine days were magical. How many of you participated? What was your experience?

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