June 2022

It’s around 10:30 pm, parents are asleep. I’m in the hall, sitting on the sofa. My whole being is engulfed in a sombre mood, I feel listless.

I pick the mobile and I am looking at a picture of Divine Mother, rambling about some big questions and circumstances of my life. I ask her that why don’t I feel your presence? Till when it will go on like this, till when…

After some time, a thought came in my mind-let’s go for a walk outside, may be it will uplift my mood.

In my experience, walking in natural surroundings does have the ability to uplift and stabilize our state of mind. But, it was already around 10:30 pm, so walking around nature was out of question. I settled on strolling on the road in front of my house.

Considering my state of mind at that moment, I expected little to no relief from going outside, still I proceeded.

But divine had a different plan…

I close the main door and gate and step on the road. An eight year-old boy comes running from the neighbor’s house. He takes my hand and puts his hand in it, then proceeds to walk along with me while simultaneously waving our collective hands back and forth.

I am genuinely in awe. My whole being lights up like a Christmas tree. I’m short of words.

What surprises me the most is that the kid is holding my hand more tightly than I his. I feel like its Divine Mother’s way of reassuring me and conveying her presence.

Shortly afterwards, her equally cutie pie sister also joins us. She then asks in an innocent way, “aap race lagaoge mere saath?” (will you race with me?)

I readily agreed. Some more kids also joined us. We then run back and forth on the empty road for about 5-6 times.

Playing with the kids refreshed and recharged me from within. I enjoyed every moment of it. After all it’s not every day that you receive such unexpected surprises. 

I came outside the home with a sombre mood.

I went inside with joy brimming forth within.

Pic Credits – Pixabay