Almost by accident, I met a colleague of mine one morning. She gently requested me to give a blood sample for a profiling study they were doing. I somehow accepted and went to the sample collection container lab and gave my sample.

I forgot all about it. One day I got a call from another colleague, a team member of the study. He asked me “Have you seen your report?” I replied “No.” Then I asked my student to contact the students of the study team and asked them for my report. The results of most tests were more or less expected, with diabetes making its way. I knew I must not give it residence or else……! What was a bit surprising was that the Prostate Specific Antigen test showed a very high reading! I was asked to consult a Urologist as soon as possible. 

I first went to my general doctor. He asked me to get the tests repeated. The tests confirmed the chance finding. He immediately asked me to get MRI and biopsy done. It took some time going through these procedures. Finally, I was told that I had a developing Prostate cancer and the gland itself was much enlarged. My wife started crying already and mother-in-law started asking how come you are getting these diseases. Prayers started and I started reading Sai Sat Charita every day. Finally, surgery was recommended, and I went through robotic surgery. Doctor mentioned success and to come back after 3 months with the test report. The test report indicated no more threat. The monitoring has to go on for another year and then some years. My life changed as I had to wait for the body controls to come back to previous state. I started having green tea regularly. Diet control for keeping diabetes in check.

Wow! it looks like I somehow escaped an oncoming threat. Who sent the colleague to request me to participate in their study? I don’t know. Was it the lord or saints themselves? I read in various texts that saints are alive even if not in body form. They communicate in various ways through one’s mind or through others. This is the time I felt gratitude to the saints I prayed. I feel Om Swami is also a saint. I feel lucky that he is interacting with us in our life’s instead of going to some isolated spot on the hills. And once in a while he communicates Life skills. 

What goes on in our body is not known until symptoms emerge. Therefore, it is necessary to have tests based on statistical data somewhat routinely in order to monitor the changes body undergoes. Hormonal changes are chief among them especially after the age of 50. A timely consultation with doctors is also helpful. Some of these changes happen without our knowledge because they are hard wired in our body nature. Nowadays, treatments are available for many such changes, and it is better to do them in time before aggravation happens.

I thank the saints. Maybe they warned me in time. Now I started feeling that they would take care of me. I am doing my prayers. Continuing…..

Peace be to all