What’s happening? It’s sweltering in Delhi at the moment. The mercury was at 45*C. But that’s not what the title is about. I had met a bunch of youngsters for a workshop and they described themselves as hot mess.

I was surprised. All of them looked and sounded very mature for their age (ranged between 22-25 years), dressed smartly, worked hard and were more focused than I have ever been. By all means, they were all successful individuals — some held good jobs, some were working on their business ideas, and some had gotten through the best universities in the world.

So, when I asked them to elaborate, they handed me a verbal laundry list of what they perceived as their flaws. Most of it, though, was about the feeling that they could achieve more in different aspects of their lives. Or them seeing their ‘flaws’ through a magnifying glass.

Most of us tend to see ourselves as a lot messier than others see us. We focus more on our negative characteristics than our best. Not only that, we ignore a lot of vulnerabilities and idiosyncrasies of others. We are more ignoring and forgiving of the flaws of others.

Why are we kinder to others than ourselves? This week, I want you to be way kinder to yourself than you have been. Put your achievements under the magnifying glass and see yourself as a beautiful mess instead. And tell me how that makes you feel? How does that change your life and disposition in general? And here’s the truth: Our flaws make us unique, beautiful and attractive. Our mess makes us hot!
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I have curated some inspiring and motivating blogs by os.me bloggers to help you be more loving to yourself. Add your favourite to the list.

Transformative Ideas

How to Rely Less on Your Smartphone, Limit Your Consumption and Simplify LifeIs your cell phone dependency bordering on addiction? Time to take back your attention and put it where it really matters – in your life. Let content strategist and business coach Shailaja Vishwanath help you. 

Courage: 3 Factors: What does it take to be courageous? Komal Om believes the answer is just three ingredients — faith, clarity of mind, and detachment. She also doles out tips on how to achieve the three. Read this blog for more. 

Existential Crisis: We all get hit by that lonesome feeling of existential crisis at some point in our lives. Actor Sweta Acharya is grappling with it too. In this relatable bog, she bares her heart. What will you suggest to her? 

How to Become More Spiritual?Saboor Ahmad shares six simple but very effective practices for a more intentional life. Try these now, and thank us later!  

The Himalayan Rat(s) in My Life“Earlier, as soon as the loudspeaker started playing music, I got irritated and disturbed. I used to tightly close all my doors and windows and draw all the curtains so that the sound did not reach my sensitive ears.” Chandrika Shubham Saini is now training her mind to accept what she can’t change. Her tips might come in handy. Give it a read. 

Limitless Compassion: Give all to God. All your good and all your not-so-good. And it will leave you a peaceful person. Bhaskar Aspari shares a tale to inspire you to live a life of detachment. 

Starting from Scratch: One of os.me’s popular bloggers, Sushree Diya, is back! She underwent surgery and is recuperating. In this personal blog, she talks about healing and promises to continue writing. 

Waiting is Everything: Waiting is an art. If we knew to wait patiently, we’d be less anxious and stressed. Vasantha Aditya adds that waiting is also the act of surrendering. He captures it in this pithy verse.


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Wisdom from Om Swami

Give or Take: The power of giving is the most potent one. Spiritual leader Om Swami writes, “Make two lists of everything you would like to take versus everything you are willing to give. Giving creates strength; it feeds the soul. If both lists are empty, you are in a sorry state of affairs.” Here’s how to change your sorry state. Read this piece of wisdom now! 

Beware of Dogs: “You won’t discover the beauty of your existence or plumb the depths of your heart until you open yourself up to new ways of thinking,” writes spiritual leader Om Swami. He shares the ultimate truth in his signature ease and humour. Here’s a powerful piece of writing to make you think.

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