On some days, one ought to be left to make sense of the world on one’s own. Today is going to be one such day. This cosy morning, I leave you with these terrific blogs which teach us things about life.

I am taking a moment to thank the lord for sending Om Swamiji to earth. Here’s wishing him the Best Birthday E.V.E.R.

Go ahead, read these and leave a meaningful comment about what part of the blog resonated with you, which lines spoke to you and what the writings taught you.

Transformative Ideas

Motherhood: Where there is heartbreak, there is also hope. A couple lost their 5-year-old child when he fell off an electric donkey ride. As if this pain wasn’t enough, they also drifted apart and divorced. Sitting on the banks of the Ganga, she liberates herself and finds love again. Screenwriter and actor Prarthi Dholakia wrote this moving tale about loving, losing and finding.

Forgetfulness: The Route to Happiness: You have heard many learned souls give you the recipe for happiness, yet to look for more tips. Here’s Neha Sigh to the rescue. She offers an easy route to happiness — forgetfulness. Happy forgetting to you.

The Power of Meditation: Journalist Shaily Rawat discovered the potent power of meditation when she hit rock bottom. She rose again, meditating her way to the top and has lived to share the wisdom with all.  

Eat Coriander. Be Like Coriander: Rahul makes a strong case for eating coriander for the several health benefits it offers. And then he said something that made me read the headline twice — become like coriander too! And he makes a good case for it in his blog.

When a Blessing Becomes a Liability: Hariom loves to travel far and wide to quench his curiosity. In this blog, he writes about his fourth trip to a human library in Copenhagen. He meets a human book who laments her high IQ and the lack of channels to implement it. 

10 Ways You Can Explore os.me: It is a truth universally acknowledged that os.me is the kindest and the most truthful corner on the internet and that I am biased and I love it, but if I weren’t in love with it, I’d still say that about the platform. Prahalad Rajkumar lists ten ways to make the most of this spiritual companion that keeps giving. This is a must-read!

What If God Doesn’t Answer?John Clark shares a story about Jesus and His cousin, John The Baptist. John is in prison. He sends an SOS to Jesus. Jesus sends back a message for John. A short time later, John is murdered on a whim, decapitated, and his severed head is placed on a plate and paraded before a party. Is it still possible to have faith? John Clark thinks so, and he shares his point of view in this blog.

I Miss You: This is a heartwarming letter from Suman to her father-in-law. He died in May last year. His last days were difficult for him and his family, which pulled them into a “complex web of unexpected responsibilities”. He had dementia, and as his sickness progressed, he wouldn’t even remember that one urinates only in the washroom. After frustrating ten years of caring for him, Suman knew she’d be happy if the responsibilities were taken away. However, she misses him a lot!

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Wisdom from Om Swami

5 Principles of Happiness: In all human endeavors, in everything that we do, often our real goal is to eventually experience happiness. Ever wonder what is the secret of happy people? You are in luck! Spiritual leader Om Swami shares the secret of happiness in this post.

Heaven and Hell: Do we really go to heaven or hell after we die? Do these places really exist? Hera the truth from spiritual leader Om Swami who has taken a vow of truth!

Think About It

I was looking for a suitable artwork for this meaningful quote, and
I found just the one for it on Healthy Place.com

I am thrilled to read your lovely blogs. I would like to encourage everyone who came to the workshop on Saturday and Sunday to keep writing every day. I must admit that am very impressed to read some of your brilliant blogs, even as I wait for others to press publish! Put the knowledge into practice to take your writing game a notch higher.

We will meet again this weekend at the same time (5:30 am) and at the same link to wrap out our workshop.

To those who couldn’t attend it, I’d say we will do another next year. However, you must write regularly to ace and polish your craft. There is no greater joy than seeing your words take shape on the document before you. Try it. Try it now!


What was the highlight of the past week for you? I’ll go first: I watched a life-altering documentary on Netflix called What the Health. It opened my eyes to the relationship between diets and diseases and the efforts of vested interests to keep us sick. I strongly recommend you watch this eye-opening documentary. So, what was the highlight for you?

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