Coriander (dhaniyā) is one of my most favourite spices. There are multiple reasons for it.

Aroma & Taste Enhancer 

Atleast for me, coriander is the ultimate taste booster. After cooking your meal whatever it may be (usually not sweets), sprinkle it’s minced leaves into that meal and mix. Be it khichri, dāl, any sabji (curry), pulāo, plain rice, parātha, matthī, rāita, tikki and whatever is left. I don’t know whether increased taste is only due to the aroma it gives with each bite or something else but it sure enhances it!

Dosha Balancing 

As per websites on ayurvedā, coriander is tridoshic, that is, it balances all the three doshas – kapha, vāta and pitta (you can read more about the doshas online). It’s very rare for any food to be tridoshic so it’s great here also! Other tridoshic substance is the very popular triphalā.

I think we can also be like dhaniya (not as a food item 😅).

  • Just like it enhances qualities of whatever it goes in to, we can try to be that version of ourselves where we improve the environment (by our humorous, positive & compassionate energy) wherever we are put into… Like in challenging circumstances at work or others.
  • Just as it balances all the three doshas, we can also try, by mindfulness, to stay strong against the tendencies triggered by the alternating flow of all the three gunas – sattva, rajas, tamas.

Just like I’m praising and giving example of dhaniya here, people will praise your qualities and may be give your example also that be like him/her.

I hope whatever I wrote makes sense 😅😂

Jai Sri Hari.

Pic credit: Pixabay