I’m unapologetically biased — os.me is awesome.

Jim Rohn famously said you’re the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with. The world is fraught with traps to catch the naive and unwitting. Virtues are missing wherever we look. 

And then there is os.me. 

A place to foster kindness. To reinforce virtues. To strengthen spirituality. To inspire self-purification. To encourage self-love. Os.me is home.

Home, however, is a place that we tend to take for granted. I lived in the Washington DC area for nine years and did not go sightseeing even once (I can hear your collective gasps!). 

If you’re a newer reader, or if you’re an existing reader who may not have explored the os.me ropes fully, here are 10 suggestions for you to make the most of this amazing platform.

1. Read All of Swamiji’s Articles

Os.me has become a full-fledged writing website filled with rich content from writers.

So much so that it is easy to forget this is the site that houses Om Swami’s articles. Os.me was initially Om Swami’s blog. He magnanimously opened His blog to other writers.

If you have not read all of Swamiji’s articles, they are all a must-read.

If you have read all of them, it is time for a re-read. 

If you have re-read them all, it may be time to note down actionable points and try to apply them in life.

I’m looking to re-read Swamiji’s articles over the next few months and make actionable notes.

2. Go on a Featured Article Ride

The os.me team features a small percentage of articles published.

Features articles are os.me editorial team telling us the articles that caught their eye. These articles capture the ethos of os.me. They largely contain personal stories and first-person accounts of os.me members sharing their experiences and their truth. 

If you’ve not read all the featured articles, go on a binge-reading spree and read featured articles. 

3. Select Your Favorite Author. Read Their Posts

You’ve read a phenomenal post by an author. 

The odds are that you’ll like more posts they’ve written. Go to their author page. Binge-read articles they’ve written.

You’re unlikely to be disappointed. 

4. Select a Topic. Check Out the Articles on this Topic.

This page lists a list of topics. 

Click on a topic to read articles on that topic. I confess this approach is not my cup of tea, but I can see how this approach may be exactly what someone else prefers.

5. Write an Article

Os.me is a warm and welcoming community that invites you to share your truth and experiences.

If you’ve not written an article, or haven’t written in a while, why not pick up that metaphorical pen and let those creative juices flow? The results may surprise you. You may inspire readers profoundly. 

The worst case – not many read your article. You’re no worser than when you didn’t write that article. 

Oh, I forgot – you get paid for your writing.  

6. Participate in Writing Challenges and Workshops

Medha Shri offers several os.me writing challenges and workshops.

As I write this, she’s spearheading a mindfulness + writing workshop

Check out the Wednesday weekly newsletters to watch out for announcements. Intitially, there was a competition roughly once in three months. In recent times, Medha Shri has offered several writing competitions, and several group writing sessions. 

To say I wholeheartedly recommend them is a massive understatement.

If you can participate in them, you absolutely must. 

They will change your writing game in ways you can’t imagine.

It changed mine. 

7. Answer Forum Questions

Os.me introduced a question-answer forum where members can ask questions, and other members can answer.

If a member asks a question that you can answer, go ahead and do so. You will be performing a random act of kindness. 

8. Explore Other Os.me Features

Os.me has several features you may not be aware of:

9. Leave a Comment on Author’s Posts

I get more out of readers’ comments than what they get from my articles. 

A meaningful comment can be life-changing. At the very least, your comment is a way for you to tell the author that their post resonated with you. You can post disagreements respectfully – you may well change the author’s viewpoint, or in the worst case, you and the author may agree to disagree. 

If you’re feeling frisky, post a reply to someone else’s comment. You may bring some zing to the discussion. 

Oh – you get paid for writing comments! How cool is os.me!

10. Rinse and Repeat

It is unlikely you will get through the above suggestions in their entirety. 

Keep revisiting these points, and you never know when serendipity will strike and give you that single life-changing wisdom after which there is no looking back.

Did I leave out any awesome os.me feature? Let me know in the comments. Better yet, write an article about it. 

Image Credit: Cristian Hume on Unsplash