Would you agree that hope is what keeps the heart alive? Whether it’s hope for a better tomorrow, a more beautiful life, or the sweet hope that the love you seek will find you, we all live in hope. As Martin Luther King Jr. says:

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

And have you noticed that life unfolds exactly like this? We don’t see the entire future. In fact, we don’t even see tomorrow, yet we remain hopeful that good things will unfold, and tomorrow will come.

Some questions still arise: What gives birth to hope? How is it nourished, and how does it live on?

Well, love is the answer. It’s between us and love. As humans, we have this unique ability to awaken hope within others, whether that’s in humans, pets, or any living being at all. In fact, I will even go as far as saying that we are the hope of the world, living things and non-living.

If you think about it, it’s a precious gift — in giving hope, we lose nothing, yet someone could discover a whole new world, a fresh reason to live on.

This week, as we pay tribute to Thich Nhat Hanh (11 Oct 1926 — 21 Jan 2022), who was hope to many, I have a special message for you: 

You are the hope. Yes, you!”

And as Thich Nhat Hanh beautifully said:

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And you may agree that any moment is always made less complicated if we have the loving support of someone by our side. Quite a while back, in fact, I remember pondering on the fact that this world would be a rather dull place if there were no humans. After all, it’s our fellow humans who teach us love, hope and life in its various colours. Beauty lies in humanity.

Once we are ready to take that one step towards hope, to stand for something, life effortlessly engulfs us in its love.

Thich nhat hanh (oct, 1926—jan, 2022)

Life has been oozing with hope, respect and celebrations this week. I’ll let you see for yourself!

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To conclude, I’ll leave you pondering on some questions.


What is the one thing you keep hoping for, deep within?
In whom did you awaken hope last year?
And who will you give hope to this year?

Think about it! And once you’re done, go claim your right! Be the hope, keep smiling and spread the light!

Also, a very happy Republic Day to you!

In 1950, we adopted the Indian Constitution on this day! It is a celebration of hope that we all have the same right and claim over opportunities and resources in the country. Hope is a beautiful thing.

Until next…

PS: This, dear family, is the first Digest co-edited by a community member. It was an absolute joy to work on this one. For starters, it meant a lot less work for me 🙂 From selecting posts to writing all of it, Komal R did a terrific job of sprinkling hope on our mundane existence. How did you like it? Any guesses who our next guest editor is?