The past few days have been quite rewarding. The weekend ahead is going to be very exciting. Can you already smell the Guru Purnima magic?

Many of you participated in the Unlikely Guru challenge, sharing not just a slice of your life but also vital life lessons. These enriched lives of readers in many ways. One of the learnings is that seemingly commonplace incidents are pregnant with wisdom if one has a discerning eye. 

The platform has terrific lessons imbued with motivation, inspiration, and the right emotions. I read every post tagged ‘Guru’. Yes, each one! I can already feel myself on the improve. 

Here are a few entries that taught me something priceless. Ready for the weekly roundup? But first, wisdom from Swamiji’s pen: 

Wisdom from Swamiji

Guru Purnima: Why is Guru Purnima celebrated? What does it mean to be initiated by a guru? Swamiji answers in his inimitable style. Besides, what does he think of Guru Purnima? Yes, answer to that, too.

Enlightenment: O! The ever-elusive, much-alluded enlightenment, what doth thou mean? Swamiji sheds light.

Why is Guru Purnima celebrated? What does it mean to be initiated by a guru? Swamiji answers in his inimitable style tell a friend

Transformative Experiences

#OmSwami.OS(Me): We have all read the bestselling memoir If Truth Be Told. It has been hailed as transformational by readers and critics alike. Every reader imbibes many values and teachings. I bet you didn’t see this lesson that Monika absorbed. Until I read this post, I was also blind to it. 

Don’t Stop Cryin’: We all cry. Komal goes beyond the tears to explore how every time you shed some of those precious drops, you can become wiser if you are mindful. Komal has a knack for delivering wisdom like a breeze.

Guru: Manish Vyas shares a few lessons that he picked up from the Hindi film Guru. He makes it wonderfully personal by offering incidents and learnings from his entrepreneurial journey that fit the lines smoothly — many lessons for all. 

A Tale of Freedom: Pratik Wadhwa sets out to save a limping pigeon. On this mission, he learns an important lesson that comes home to him through his stream of consciousness as it travels to his childhood. An ignorant person is anything but bliss, he concludes. 

My Guru: Ain’t you lucky, Shalini, to have met someone like Surya whose glory you write so well. Another in the series of Shalini’s slice of life stories straight from the heart. PS: Enough with the suspense, who is Surya? Tell us already. Please. 

Saviors of My Life: Talking of finding guides in the unlikeliest of places, Peeush found two among his colleagues. Simple questions thrown at him saved him from despair. Another one, a ranting session with colleagues led him to a book that made him better. 

प्रतीक्षा की प्रतिज्ञा: As you wait for the guru, Niveta Tiwari has some marvellous suggestions for you to help prepare for that big moment. A beautiful verse for that beautiful ghatna.

Om Swami: The Rainbow of Our Life: Vandana and Rajesh Kumar Tehalan write this heartfelt ode to Swamiji. His name is magical, and it sets the person on the road to truth and joy. They were grieving the loss of their family members when Swamiji changed their life for the better. You’ll be a better person by the end of this blog. 

A Shoutout to the Winners

Truth be told, it is pretty difficult to just pick a few when everyone is mighty good. But a ritual is a ritual. Here are four entries, first amongst the winners: 

Surrender by Proxy: Zack Om Bazarnick was searching for a guru. Then one day, he attended a retreat by Swamiji. But this article is not about that. This is about Seema, who didn’t know she had inspired surrender in Zack. This beautiful article keeps you hooked. 

An Unlikely Guru – The Book: “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader” – Margaret Fuller. Prahlad Rajkumar puts word after word after word and gives us this powerful post (doffing my hat to Margaret Atwood). He lists 24 books and one lesson each they taught. A terrific post with 24 unique lessons and 24 book recommendations. 

The Parrot who Wanted his Freedom: If you have ever wondered why you need a guru when you can directly pray to God, Bharti Kaundal shows you why.

A Teacher Who Doesn’t Tell: Richa Pant writes about her father, a man brimming with wisdom and compassion. Are you spiritual enough to show kindness to the one who steals your stuff? 

24 unique lessons and 24 book recommendations. + More terrific posts. Subscribe to the weekly round-up. It's free yet invaluable. tell a friend

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More Shoutouts

There is one more person who gets the holler. V V Sundaram’s Dilip Kumar orbit got published on Times of India online. Congratulations! At, it is our endevaour to see you all going places. Going forward, we will see many more members sharing their thoughts on various platforms. And we will have many experts sharing their magnificent ideas on

Guru Purnima Events

Are you excited about the Guru Purnima event? There are two, as you know. All Things Guru is scheduled for July 24, 7:20am. Join live here. Oh! You can ask relevant questions here. And if you have ever applied for initiation, regardless of the outcome, you can join the Guru-Shishiya event on July 25, if you register by July 23 here.  

Watch this space for a wonderful piece that’ll be published soon. We have 46 experts sharing tips on staying stable and strong during the pandemic and beyond. 

Happy reading & writing. Stay OSME. 

Until next… 

PS: Please accept my gratitude for all your lovely wishes for my daughter’s birthday. We were delighted to have your blessings! 

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