This is a story of a parrot that was kept in a cage. But the parrot wanted to fly in the sky and wanted to enjoy his freedom. He used to chant the holy name of Ram so that by doing so he would be able to cut down his bad karmas and would be freed.

He did chant holy names for a long time but he was still in the same cage. He was very upset about it. One day, he met a person he considered his Guru. He told the Guru that he wanted to be set free and enjoy freedom but he wasn’t able to attain it even after chanting the holy name for a long time.

He asked his Guru to set him free. His Guru advised him to play dead and to be quiet for a few minutes. So that’s what he did. His master thought the parrot was dead and he opened the cage. As soon as he opened the cage, the parrot 🐦 flew to the sky and was free.

He said, “Oh my Guru! I was chanting the holy for a long time but I wasn’t able to attain freedom, but you set me free. You helped me find my freedom and my true nature. Thank you!”

  • Moral: Guru is the one who sets us free from this materialistic world (cage), makes our spiritual journey and life easier.