When I wrote that headline I wasn’t sure the members of the platform would be ok with the word sex in it. After all, the three-letter word is not something we are comfortable discussing openly, despite the fact that the act of love making is the very basis of our existence.

Truth be told, when some of the members wrote a few posts addressing the intimate topic, some others sent mails objecting to it. And it’s fine, everyone has a different threshold of acceptance. 

I don’t want to trigger your ire. However, when on the spiritual path, we all wonder what the spiritual view on sex is? What do the enlightened ones say about sex? And what do the commoners say about it? And must we keep the topic under so many wraps? Opening up on the topic could be liberating and a very spiritual act, many members write so.

I thought February would be the perfect month to explore sex, spirituality and, of course, to continue with our theme of love. 

This time around, I begin with what the guru, Om Swamiji, says about it. And then we go on to explore how people apply this knowledge. Then, come back to one more insightful article by our beloved monk. Later, don’t forget to check out who have been the most active and talked-to authors in the past month.

Wisdom from Om Swami

The Center of Your Life:  Everything in nature was beautiful as before but Pingala, the prostitute, could not see the beauty anymore… Om Swamiji writes about Pingla, who teaches the most important lesson you ever need to know.

Sex and Sexuality: In this comprehensive article, Om Swamiji offers Vedic, Yogic, Tantric and his own perspective on sex. He answers questions such as: Is celibacy a prerequisite on the path of spirituality? His own viewpoint is: “Regardless of whether you are seventeen or seventy, do not be scared of your sexual thoughts, do not react to such thoughts…” Just this one article to bring clarity on all those unanswered questions.

Om Swami offers Vedic, Yogic, Tantric and his own perspective on sex. tell a friend

7 Real Experiences

My First Gayatri Sadhana: When Akshay Iyer undertook this Sadhana, he had an epiphany. He realised what Om Swamiji had said in his article mentioned earlier: Thoughts are just thoughts, including sexual thoughts. Iyer experiences first-hand that lust is a conditioned behaviour. But was he able to overcome it? 

My Truth – 3: The Pleasures of Sex: Ashram resident Divya Manoharan gathers courage to talk about the difficult topic, after putting out many disclaimers first — because we all have internalised the shame that surrounds the word, sex. Her truthful and very personal article gives a lot of food for thought, and has many takeaways for parents, too. She found herself confused when sex was described as either extremely shameful or ecstatic. It’s a lovely post. Her mother read it, you can too.

Confessions of a Merry Monk- 11: Sushree Diya has been writing a series of explosive posts and dropping truth bombs. This one lays importance on creating a parent-child relationship where children feel comfortable approaching their parents for sexual education topics. She shares about the time when she had put herself in a dangerous place because of the distressful environment at home. But that’s not the only thing she packs in, there is just so much you will find yourself underlining to ensure you raise happy kids.

The Remaining 364 Days: What remains when the hype of Valentine’s Day gets over? The real deal. Find out in this post by Shivani Adalja. 

In Memory of a Gift: Lavanya Kurup writes about stopping by a pond to admire a bunch of water lilies. This meditation on the lovely aquatic beauty is rudely interrupted by a stranger. But she was perhaps too quick to judge the boy who created ripples with his unconditional act. Not everything is spelled out, not everything needs to be. This is one of those posts you soak in.

Learning to Experience Love: In the bustling metropolis of New York, Kunal Lunawat’s heart fills with love and gratitude for people who aren’t related to him by blood, yet loved him like he were one of their own. Love doesn’t need physical touch nor closeness. Heck! not even relatedness.

A Chance Encounter: It was an unusual day in Rekha Arora’s life. She was at her store and on that fateful day, when a few hours apart, she got two visitors — spiritual teacher Mooji baba and a eunuch. She learns we are conditioned to love selectively. That awakening opens up her heart for the god in everyone. Read to know how. 

Ashram resident Divya Manoharan writes My Truth — The pleasure of sex. tell a friend

Wisdom from Om Swamiji

A Word on Love: It’s apt to conclude the meditations on love with the words of the one who knows. Om Swamiji says, to love is to make the other person at perfect ease in your presence, so they can be themselves. Read the article for some very practical tips to save love from lovesickness.

Om Swamiji says, to love is to make the other person at perfect ease in your presence, so they can be themselves. Read the article for some very practical tips to save love from lovesickness. tell a friend

I hope you find these articles worth your time. I hope these give you enough food for thought and fuel for your heart. And if not in this letter, elsewhere on our phenomenal platform you find what you are looking for. I am sure you will, for I have stats to back that statement. Between January 25 and February 25 alone, about 290 thought-provoking, truthful articles were posted. 

Of all those articles, Meera alone wrote 13 articles (all very funny). Yes, she is the author who gets the top spot for publishing the maximum number of articles in that one month. Meera, please don’t stop! I say it on behalf of the members, as you are also the member who got the maximum number of comments on the posts — 900! Sushree Diya gathered 722 comments, becoming the second most talked-to author. 

It’s also probably Karma that these two authors received such a high number of comments, because they both are also the authors who made the highest number of comments (what do they say about what goes around…)

I am super-kicked to hear that you love the changes we are making to #OSdotME (sounds like awesome, no?). Please keep writing and sending your love my way. I love you so much.

For the next roundup, let’s write a few posts about the feminine energy? I mean it’s March and nothing more obvious than that, for it has the Women’s day. Express yourself to the Mother Divine, or just mother thine. Or write about the time some woman left an indelible mark on your being. Or just about getting in touch with your feminine side. It ain’t easy being a woman in the patriarchal world, but it is so easy to be yourself on this kind and truthful corner. Extra love for personal accounts.

To love, light and Maa.

Until next…