It’s a fact that love’s all around us. We are often blinded by the ‘absence of love’ not because it’s actually ‘absent’ in our lives but because of our inability to experience it. Even in the bustling metropolis of New York. 

I am blessed, and so are we all, on this platform. I had a tough week at work this week, and here’s how over the last 24 hours, I experienced love in different forms, which made me full, brought a smile, and gave me the strength and the chutzpah to keep marching forward. 

  1. I privately posted on Instagram about my tough week at work and within a few hours friends reached out to check in on me. Friends from different parts of the world, who I had met and connected with at different phases in life. While it’s true social media has its limitations and rightful criticisms but here’s one unequivocal benefit: it helps meaningful connections stay alive and remain meaningful
  2. The maid came in early in the morning today, leaving my apartment cleaner than I could have ever pulled off, if left to my own devices. And then she casually remarked about the view from my windows: “I clean many apartments in this building but you have one of the best views.” You get used to the good things and take them for granted until someone reminds you, and then it dawns on you – there’s someone up there looking out for you, loving you
  3. I spoke to my father’s close friend, who’s in India, and an extremely successful businessman in his own right. We have developed a close bond through last year, with him checking in on me, every now and then. We spoke about the economy, about politics, and about what I wanted from back home, since his grandson is coming to these shores. He insisted I let him know what I want in 24 hours – now, what explains this, other than love?
  4. Last night, I spoke to my sister and of course, my mom. Both hinted at the same thing – it’s been a while since they sent me something from India. What do I need? Again, what explains this, other than love?
  5. Carrying on, I decided to treat myself and went to get a massage – the same place I frequent roughly once a quarter. Folks who work here are the best in business and they care enough to remember that knots in my back had disappeared and I was in much better shape since the last time I had visited. What gives?
  6. And finally, this community. From Swamiji’s Saturday blog post to the other wonderful posts and comments that make this such a rich platform, I feel warmly connected to many of you. It’s tough to explain – I have not met many of you in person but there’s this strange cosmic connection that draws me back to osdotme and induces a familial sense of being. If I were to take a stab at explaining, I’d probably zone in on love. 

I could keep going and the list would not end. From the security guy in the office who I have become close friends with and whose work ethic I admire (he works 2x jobs, ~20 hours / day, no kidding), to my frequent coffee barista, to the charming and full of life Uber driver, they have all showered love on me in the recent past, in one way or the other, which has made me more complete. 

Love’s omnipresent and the magnificence of its display has no correlation with the depth of its meaning to us. All we need to do is open up to it, for it gives the courage to take on things like none else. 

Onwards, with love.