The erudite siblings, Amish and Bhavna Roy, who have co-authored the book Dharma: Decoding the Epics for a Meaningful Life, and Om Swamiji, who is a best-selling author and an authority on all things dharma and karma, got together over a video call to answer some of the life’s biggest questions. The answers will help one live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The conversation will have you transfixed.

This engaging discussion is enlightening and offers a  peek into the mind of writers and people who have chosen entirely different paths yet have stayed true to dharma.

Catch best-selling authors Amish, Bhavna Roy and Om Swamiji in an engaging chat. tell a friend

And here’s the thing, when three wise people talk, it’s best to soak in the wisdom and not interrupt the flow. That’s what I am choosing to do. I bring to you an invigorating conversation between Om Swami, Amish and Bhavna Roy. What’s common between the three? All three are best-selling authors. Besides that? They are an authority on matters such as dharma and its practical application. 

Amish and Bhavna talking about their collaboration on the book revealed that it was actually their other sibling Anish Tripathi, Amish’s twin, who planted the idea of the book in the mind of this sister-brother author duo. The book explores practical, philosophical lessons from our epic the Mahabharat, and from Amish’s fiction books, the Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra series. The authors have made the concept of dharma highly accessible by presenting it through a series of conversations between characters who are like you and I.

But what is dharma? Duryodhan is also Suyodhan, points out Bhavna. So, are good and bad absolutes? 

Amish says that permanent heaven and hell isn’t a dharmic concept. In fact, to aspire for heaven is not even the ultimate goal. Then what is?

Om Swamiji deciphers the concept of dharma from a spiritual point of view. He also shares his journey to monkhood as he talks about giving up his multi-million dollar IT business and other worldly things in search of Mother Divine. He shares his journey and what motivated him to become a monk. But must one become a monk to live a dharmic life?  Find out, watch the interview now! 

Here’s a set of highly acclaimed people who will have you mesmerised by their lifestories, make you think with thought-provoking ideas and show you a path to quality life through practical application of philosophy that you have grown up hearing but haven’t understood entirely.

Bhavna, who is eight years elder to Amish, cracked the Civil services but chose to quit Indian Administrative Services (IAS) for social work. She is a first-time author but a long-time philosopher. She joined the video call from Mumbai. Amish, the best-selling author of Shiva trilogy and Ram Chandra series, joined in from London, where he serves as the director of the Nehru Centre. Om Swamiji connected on this call from his ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Will Sanatan Dharma be wiped off from the face of the earth?Catch best-selling authors Amish and Bhavna Roy and Om Swamiji in an engaging chat. tell a friend

Some of the questions they answer include: Should we live by rules? Are rules even necessary? Is it possible to change our destiny through our karma? Does tantra advocate living by rules or is it about pushing the boundaries? Why become a monk? And — Will Sanatan Dharma be wiped off from the face of the earth? 

A rare chance to get up, close and personal with three stellar personalities in one video. This is a phenomenal conversation you can’t afford to miss!

A phenomenal conversation. A rare chance to get up, close and personal with Amish, Bhavna Roy and Om Swami. tell a friend

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Time stamps:

00:01 to 01:40 – Introduction

01:41 to 05:00 – Bhavna and Amish answer the first question by Om Swami. Dharma is a subject of deep contemplation. Before an author writes a book, there is a seed in their mind which says — this is what I want to share. So what was that moment or a journey when you decided to pen down this book, which I feel is the need of the hour in this day and age.

05:00 to 06:44 – Om Swami asks, ‘How did you two decide to co-author the book? Amish shares how.

6:46 to 17:20 – Amish asks Om Swami, ‘One of the things that always intrigued me is that in India both path have been celebrated — the path of a householder and the path of the monk. What encouraged you to leave it all and surrender yourself to the path of monkhood. What was the journey like? Om Swami shares his journey and elaborates on his quest for the truth. He also shares his understanding of Dharma, citing examples of conversation between Krisha and Arjuna.

17:21 to 22:14 – Amish shares his experience of visiting the cave where Saptarishi Vashishta and his wife, Arundhati, meditated. He talks about experiencing a strong energy field even after thousands of years. Then, Amish describes writing as a spiritual experience for him. Om Swami sheds light on the signs of awakening.

22:15 to 28:29 – Om Swami requests the author duo to share their understanding of Dharma. Bhavna describes Dharma as a universal concept applicable to all living and non-living beings. She also mention sth role of experience and knowledge.

Amish highlights the human challenge with respect to the concept of Dharma. The stress on the religious view and a non – religious view and the final destination, Moksha. He talks about choices and consequences and the role play of Dharma.

28:30 to 33:46 – Om Swami initiates the discussion on the importance of rules in one’s life. He asks: One would say these are the rules of my dharma or you think its a grey area? What do you feel about that? Bhavna shares insights of Tantrashastra where it’s the spirit of exploration and pushing the boundaries.

33:49 to 43:46 Amish asks Om Swami about his view on rules. Om Swami has explored Tantra Shashtra, he has followed the monk tradition, Bhagvat Gita, so what is his perspective? Om Swami shares the importance of principles of life and wisdom to take decisions. Om Swami shares the beauty of Sanatan Dharma as it is evolving and timeless.

He also answers the commonly asked question – If Sanatan Dharma would be wiped out from earth. He talks and further explains the concept and goal of Dharma citing examples of conversation between Krishna and Arjuna. Om Swami also shares a small story of Buddha explaining the role of Dharma.

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