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Guru Purnima

Tomorrow is the day when the world over disciples celebrate the presence of their gurus in their lives. Like you have Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, tomorrow’s Guru Purnima (or Poornima), the Guru’s Day. We have been celebrating this in … Read more →

Realizing Your True Potential

We have all been compared to someone at some point in our life. And we have also beaten ourselves up for not being born with similar talent as someone else. Read on to learn what is it that really counts … Read more →

The Narcissist

Someone sent me the following email a few weeks back: I wanted to ask you how do you deal with a narcissistic spouse? How to deal with them spiritual way? When we call someone a narcissist, why are they like that? … Read more →

The Puzzle of Life

The other day, at the meditation retreat, a lady told me that she had almost everything she could ask for and yet she was not happy. She had been battling with a feeling of emptiness for years and had been … Read more →

How did We Happen?

I received an interesting email the other day. If you bypass the general tone of the message, you’ll find the questions worthy. Despite my scepticism, I can’t help but hope…That maybe you’ve got some answers which nobody has. So tell … Read more →

Nine Stages of Attaining Bliss

The nine stages of mahamudra are identical to the nine states of attention elucidated in my last post. The more I meet aspiring yogis or serious meditators, the more I realize how great the misconceptions are about meditation. What really … Read more →

Discovering Your Purpose In Life

In continuation of my last post, allow me to share with you my thoughts on the single most crucial trait, happy and successful people possess. It’s the lowest common denominator. If you examine the lives of the greatest inventors or … Read more →

Karmic Trail and Psychic Imprints

क्लेशमूलः कर्माशयो दृष्टादृष्टजन्मवेदनीयः ।  (Patanjali Yoga Sutras, 2.12) Psychic imprints, resulting from karma, accumulated over many lives condition the mind and cause one grief. Imagine a spinning wheel painted with spectral hues. Since it is spinning its face appears illusory … Read more →