Deep Quotes

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  • Indifferent or disrespectful treatment is somewhat essential for personal spiritual growth. Reflect on the stories of Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Tulsidas, etc. There was a particular moment when they not only felt disrespected but so humiliated that it was enough to change the course of their lives and history.
  • At any rate, nothing pricks us like disrespect. A question we must ask though: who or what is it in us that feels angry, offended, and hurt when we are ignored or disrespected? Ego, hate, jealousy, false pride and rage, all come rushing to the fore like anxious creditors ambushing the administrator of a company in liquidation. Disrespect Can Change the Course of History

Short Deep Quotes

Sometimes, the fewest words make the biggest difference. These short, simple quotes are likely to change your life.

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  • To experience peace in the world, you must be at peace within. And the more you are at peace within, the more centered you will be.
  • Most people do not want to let go, many others do not know how to.
  • If you wish to live your ideal life, first devote every ounce of energy and enthusiasm to your present one. The One Secret to a Fulfilling Life
  • When you put your heart, mind and soul into whatever you undertake, it liberates you.
  • Loss in (and of) life is not a question of if but when.
  • Like moving water causes sedimentation, unabandoned thoughts become psychic imprints; they trigger emotions.
  • When you start to believe that having certain things will make you happy, you weaken yourself emotionally. 
  • When two people grow apart, both start to focus on the negatives of each other.
  • Awareness of our thought patterns is the first step in calming the mind. 
  • If you let this moment slip away, it’s lost forever. “Now” never comes back.
  • Anger remains the greatest test of one’s spiritual evolution, patience and wisdom.
  • The more spiritually grown-up you are, the greater at ease you are with yourself and the circumstances that surround you.

Deep Quotes on Life 

Are you rethinking your life? These life struggle quotes show you that it’s not all bad. There’s plenty of growth coming your way!

1. Living a life of purpose is more a matter of habit we cultivate through self-discipline and sacrifice than any chance of discovery.

2. Opportunities are knocking on your door all the time, presenting you with your purpose of life, if you choose not to hear them and instead be fixated on, or keep waiting for, some grand, big-bang, unrealistic event, you’ll be disappointed.

3. If you haven’t yet found your purpose in life then let me tell you, my friend, that before that can happen, one must understand that resistance training is the foundation of building strength. The strength to take it on the chin, to find your happiness in what you must do, to be patient comes from working to your optimum potential.

4. Develop a broader view, distract yourself positively, look at the brighter side, practice loving-kindness towards yourself and others, and gradually, your perspective will begin to shift. When it does, everything else will shift with it.

5. As in a game of scrabble, what letters end up on your rack is not in your hands but what words you coin and where you place them is a matter of skill and knowledge. The less ignorant you are in vocabulary, the more chance you have of scoring. The faster you empty your rack, the higher are the odds of getting better letters and more options. If you are not going to let go of the existing letters or crib about how unfortunate you are, you lose your chance of scoring. Life is no different.

6. I can tell you though the two most common mistakes people make when they think about purpose of life. First, they feel it has to be something grand. Something that’ll enable them to leave some kind of legacy behind or make them help a lot of other people (sometimes from the outset). Secondly, once they find their purpose, they’ll be flooded with peace and bliss. How to lead a purposeful life?

7. Once you find your purpose, working to fulfill it makes your life worthwhile. It gives you that madness we all need to pull through this world. The Real Purpose of our Lives

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Deep Love Quotes

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  • Loving and living are not synonyms. Loving may be an emotional matter but living together is mostly about practicality.
  • When two people are in love, one or both of them tend to believe that love will be enough to keep them going. The truth is love alone is rarely enough because just wanting the other person is not love.
  • Most marriages fall apart because the partners become too serious, too much planning. Almost everything becomes a chore. In such relationships, friendship flees away leaving only responsibilities and expectations behind. The focus shifts from what is fulfilling to what the other person is not doing for you. Before long, people feel resentful towards each other. And when, you experience more resentment than joy with your partner, it’s a classic sign that you are tired and worn out.
  • The truth is that if you want to make a relationship work, you have to offer space to each other. It has to have a certain degree of maturity where you are able to express your thoughts, concerns and fears.
  • The feeling of love, in other words, is the privilege to exercise your freedom in the company of the one you want in your life. This is the highest kind of freedom and is only possible if the person you love is also allowed the same. You don’t get to draw their picture of freedom and they don’t get to narrate yours. You can’t force them to like dark chocolate if they like white.
  • When you are able to love not just the person you love but what they love, your relationship reaches a whole new level. If what matters to them starts to mean something to you, living together becomes a great deal easier.
  • Successful relationships are not built on some utopian definition of love but on simple practical aspects of living. Often when things turn sour, we compare our relationship with the ideal definition we once held. This view makes us feel that nothing good ever existed in this relationship, that the whole thing was a mistake from the start. Hold your horses at that moment. It’s your mind playing tricks. Your emotional state has taken over the reality. 
  • Be not a casualty of virtues, be the cause. No, not a victim. A victor. Don’t ignore yourself.

Deep Depression Quotes

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  • Just because things seem okay doesn’t mean they are okay at all. This is the truth of depression.
  • For someone who hasn’t found his or her purpose in life, or for someone who is not passionate about what they do, living can be a mammoth task.
  • In my view, depression is one of the least understood and most crippling conditions of our times. It can affect anyone, anytime, at any stage of their life. Regardless of your lifestyle, your mental makeup or emotional setup, no one is permanently immune from this disorder. Because before anything else, the demon of depression sucks the hope out if its victim. It starts to feel that it will never leave you. But, there is hope. Really, there is. 

  • Set yourself free to experience how magnificent your existence truly is. That you are breathing means you are wanted, and have a place here. Nature wants you. You are here to be a witness to the wonders and marvels of this world. You are here to be one of the wonders yourself. 
  • Depression isn’t just sadness. It is emptiness, it is misery. It is pain and nothingness at once. 
  • When you are truly depressed, you lack the ability or will to cheer up yourself. Noone just “has depression”, you suffer from it. 

Deep Aesthetic Quotes

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  • The world wants you to be a trained donkey like others, like themselves in fact. They will if you let them. Be yourself.
  • Imitation may be the best form of flattery, but when you aim to copy someone else, you lose your own identity; when you lose that, the very basis of your world — you and your inner strength — is shaken to the core. The journey becomes a drag, and the goal remains out of sight.
  • If you are happy within, fulfilled, somewhat complete, taken care of, you will be able to take care of others much better. Be not so busy that you forget yourself. Here’s What Happens If You Ignore Yourself
  • If you do not engage in what gives you joy, gives you happiness, your inner peace and bliss will evaporate. You will keep feeling something is missing without knowing what, you will feel angrier with others, with yourself, with the world, you will find yourself getting irritated quickly, you will wonder why you are not as patient as before. If you are experiencing these things, I can say with much conviction, you are not taking care of yourself. Behind your smile, you are hiding the privilege of freedom. You may fool others but you cannot fool yourself. You know your own reality.

  • What good is being so good that you cannot even stand yourself! You have to find time now because moment by moment, life continues to pass by, clock continues to tick, expectations will stay if not grow. 
  • Following virtues, being responsible is great.There is a fine line between being a pushover and being polite. And what is that fine line? You need not ask me or anyone else. Inquire within. Your inner voice will give you the most accurate answer. 
  • My personal method is to mindfully ask myself before responding to anyone in any given scenario if 

a. I need to respond at all, 

b. am I being compassionate? If yes, 

c. can I just overlook their actions as ignorant mistakes? (Even if they are deliberate acts, I tend to think they perhaps don’t know any better.) Plus, 

d. am I not aware anyway that they are responsible for their deeds? And finally, 

e. what sort of behavior befits me? These five aspects go through my mind within a couple of seconds. This is the gift of mindfulness.

  • For your own good, don’t disrespect and devalue yourself by harboring anger, bitterness or grudges.
  • If you choose to reflect on your words and actions just before manifesting them, you will find it a whole lot easier to be compassionate, loving and forgiving. With each noble act, you elevate yourself spiritually. It works without fail.
  • Why have garbage of stinking emotions when you can keep a bouquet of fragrant feelings? One will attract flies and the other butterflies. Choose carefully.
  • Your own existence goes through a profound transformation when you start to feel the pain of others. This is perhaps the most compelling thing about compassion and empathy: it actually helps you grow – spiritually and emotionally. You benefit directly when you act selflessly.
  • A mind that’s turned inward leads to contentment and virtues bloom in a contented heart like flowers do in spring.
  • If you are honest with yourself, if you are leading a meaningful life, if you take a pause and reflect on your life and your actions, you’ll automatically begin to turn inward. Countless virtues will bloom in your heart like flowers do in spring. An inward mind leads to contentment.
  • Turning inward doesn’t mean that we become so selfish that we are only focused on ourselves. On the contrary, it means seeing ourselves as an extension of the universe. It is feeling the interconnectedness in everything there is.
  • Whether you choose to be the sun, a moon, or just any star in your own galaxy, it’s your personal choice. The greater your magnitude, the less affected you are by the smaller stars. How you see yourself matters a great deal more than how others see you because your happiness and peace is dependent on your own honest view about you.
  • A dying tree can offer neither shade nor fruits. You’ll crumble eventually if you continue to ignore yourself.

Powerful Deep Quotes

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Powerful Deep Quotes on Relationship

  • You can’t change your feelings by just wanting to change them, no matter how desperate or strong-willed you maybe. You need to find out what is evoking these emotions in you. Go to the source. It could be an incident or a set of incidents, certain people and so on. Then ask yourself if you wish to feel differently. If so, begin with the assumption that nothing or no one else is going to change. They are where they always have been, they are exactly where they are supposed to be.
  • All real and mature relationships undergo a phase of crisis when everything you know is challenged. Our world is made up of people. Usually, our finest and worst memories have other people in them. You may desire luxury cars, beach houses, yachts, and whatnot, ultimately though, you dream of sharing them with someone. How to make relationships last?
  • When something becomes normal for us, we often stop valuing it. We start to feel that we no longer have to work on ourselves or on our relationships, that those good feelings will always remain. What had been a privilege, a blessing, all along is now seen as a right. Soon, such a sense of entitlement creates expectations. Unfulfilled expectations, in turn, are the root cause of all sore relationships.
  • All real and mature relationships undergo a phase of crisis when everything you know is challenged. In fact, it is only in stress that you really get to know how fragile or strong a relationship is. And, there’s only one thing that sets apart the couple who are celebrating their golden jubilee from the one who are fighting in a court within months of marriage.
  • It is easy to get carried away and think me-me-me, but a functional relationship is about a lot of patience, mutual care and respect. With such traits blossom the wildflower of love, spreading its fragrance all around, making life more beautiful and worthwhile.
  • Most marriages fall apart because the partners become too serious, too much planning. Almost everything becomes a chore. In such relationships, friendship flees away leaving only responsibilities and expectations behind. The focus shifts from what is fulfilling to what the other person is not doing for you. Before long, people feel resentful towards each other. And when, you experience more resentment than joy with your partner, it’s a classic sign that you are tired and worn out.
  • Sometimes you grow out of a relationship, there’s no more joy or attraction. It’s time to move on.
  • It is not what you are getting from your partner, but from your relationship. It is mutual ownership. When this repeatedly fails, it’s a sign to move out of a relationship. 
  • Your life is only as beautiful as the relationships you keep. With others, with yourself.

Deep Quotes on Friendship

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  • To have a dependable friend is the next best thing to having a loyal partner you [actually] love.
  • A good friend is someone who will catch you when you fall but not be a crutch. 
  • Friendship doesn’t mean that you never challenge the other person or only agree to whatever they want to do or say. It is about expressing your honest opinion but respecting their right of making choices they see fit. 
  • The one who blindly agrees with you just so you are happy, or the one who is only happy if you do things the way they want, such a person is not your friend because true friendships are forged in freedom and thrive on a sense of equality.
  • A true friendship offers the personal space to lead the life you have chosen for yourself. And the only way to have a good friend, a lifelong friend, is to be one.
  • Good friends respect each other’s choices and personal space. They are like the assorted flowers in a bunch. Each one enhances the beauty and appeal of the bouquet. Each part makes the whole beautiful without taking over the whole.
  •  differences and disagreements in a friendship doesn’t mean you abandon your friends. Have a bigger heart and you’ll quickly rise above the mistakes of your loved ones.

Deep Quotes That Make You Think

The mind is both, friend and foe, and thoughts? They lie somewhere in between. But thinking is the way to evolution, as these deep quotes show. Click To Tweet
  • When love is such a fundamental and mutual requirement of human existence, have you then ever wondered that why do people struggle to be together or fall out so quickly?
  • Detachment is not laziness or avoidance. If anything, it is razor-sharp awareness and a heightened state of consciousness.
  • In this conditional world, our attachments blind us and crush us, they don’t do us any good. The day you realize and internalize this truth, your life will never be the same again.
  • What if we learned to enter into the temple of silence where the fragrance of awareness and light of wisdom add glory to every pinch of existence? 
  • Often, we look for validation of our actions by seeking external approval, generally from gurus and other religious authorities, but the truth is that deep within we almost always know our own reality. We know our own intentions better than anyone else out there. Propelled by our desires and ambitions, we mute our inner voice at our convenience. And, when the voice of soul is muted, we lose touch with our true nature of bliss. 
  • Are you riding the weight or carrying it? Either way, let go. Forgive yourself for peace and bliss.
  • At the turn of every decade of our life, our priorities, body, and brain undergo a profound shift. Nature propels us to grow, to move forward, but often our temperament and opinions pull us back into the old ways.
  • I won’t even say that just assume that difficult people are always going to be there in your life, for I can promise you that they will be there. So long as the sun continues to rise from the east, you will have at least one difficult person in your life. This is a fact and not an assumption. We all have such people in our lives and sometimes, if I may state the complete truth, we are these people for others. 
  • What is this thing called love, really? An intense emotion, a deep longing, an illusion, merely a transient infatuation, an act, just an expression or a name given to show how much the other person (or a crowd) means to you? Do You Know What ‘I Love You’ Really Means?

Deep Pain Quotes

  • Sometimes, life will offer you burning coal when you are least prepared. Worse, when you don’t even deserve it. Don’t burn yourself with that unexpected offering. Instead, use it to strengthen your position, to forge ahead. It is neither a walk in the park nor does it come naturally to us, but it can be learned and mastered. I say it’s hard work because a momentary lapse of mindfulness is enough to make us forget all the wisdom in the world and we end up grabbing the cinder hurting ourselves and everyone at whom we may hurl it.
  • The gifts of hurt are priceless, they teach us, elevate us, and above all, force us to connect with our highest state of consciousness for answers and solutions. Painful but useful. Inconvenient but inevitable.
  • When you experience pain because life isn’t going according to you, just take a step back. Pause. Stop. Sit down. Take a deep breath.Visualize as if you are simply a spectator of your own life. That, you are watching your body, your mind, your life. That, the true you, the purest element, is beyond all misery.
  • it’s not the experience itself in any situation that hurts anyone. It’s our perspective. It’s when we stop and question, when we analyze and judge that we feel whatever we do. In that moment of judgment, you can choose your perspective, you can choose to simply be an observer, as if it’s not about you but about someone else you know, an aspect of you. Your painful and violent reactions will subside almost immediately.  Who is Our Life’s Silent Witness?

Deep Quotes on Pain and Suffering

Pain is inevitable. So, what is optional? Suffering. These deep quotes on heart pain and suffering offer you a solution to loss and grief.

  • There is no suffering if you can let go. Pain becomes immaterial in the absence of suffering. Here’s Why We Suffer
  • But, liberation from what, from whom you ask? From the self-doubting, chattering mind that rejoices in petty thoughts and pulls you down. Liberation from your shadows, from the wrongs you’ve done and wrongs done to you. Is it even possible? Rewrite Your Destiny with Black Lotus
  • What suffering is: it is not what is happening to us but how we see what is happening to us. It is not the actual situation but our interpretation which then governs our feelings. Change the interpretation and feelings change on their own.”
  • We mistake our pain for our suffering. We have little control over the former but the latter is almost entirely in our hands. We can take things in our stride or be tossed in the tide. This choice, we must remember, is in our hands. At all times. The Journey of Life is Your Choice
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Loss is unavoidable, grief isn’t. Death is certain. And life, well, life isn’t certain. Its uncertainty, unpredictability, even irrationality, is what makes it what it is: worthwhile, a blessing. You can see its attributes as appalling, boring and cunning or as adventurous, beautiful and captivating. Your choice. That’s the ABC of life.
  • Fill your heart with loving-kindness, your time with noble actions, your mind with good thoughts and suffering will disappear from your life like sadness from a content heart. You will realize your soul, your self.

Take a Deep Breath Quotes

The advice, take a deep breath before acting, has wise roots. A breath can change everything, including our life. Click To Tweet
  • The wisdom is to know that whatever be the cause of your grief, it’s temporary, it’s not going to be there forever. So, take it easy, take a deep breath, it’s not the end of the world.
  • When you find yourself in a tug of war with your restless mind, simply pause for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?” Look around and become aware of everything around you. The room, color of the walls, paintings, doors, windows etc. Let your mind win. Let it take the rope. Battle no more. Instead, be mindful of its play. Just sit and watch how it generates thoughts. Become a spectator. It’ll slow down and then still itself.
  • Pause, stop, reflect, take a deep breath, prioritize, and act accordingly. Ultimately, your transactions are recorded in your karmic account; it is the account holder who is responsible, regardless of the beneficiary. It’s never too late to think and define.

Deep Meaning and Deep Thought Quotes 

Contemplation is mental growth. The following deep philosophical quotes will help you reflect further on life and its complexities. Click To Tweet
  • It is just not possible that each day will turn out the way you expect it to, or that every time only pleasing news will knock at your door. At times, situations are undesirable and unpleasant, but we can’t avoid them. We have to deal with them. As they say, someone’s got to make the trains run on time. Granted, it’s not always feasible to deal with unpleasant situations in a pleasant mood, but it is possible to handle them with patience.
  • Detachment is not a sense of resignation but the understanding that to make objective decisions, I must now and again distance myself from my pursuit so I may gain a different and a better frame of reference. You get to see the complete picture then, the three sides of the coin: left, right and standing. Have You Ever Been Hurt? It’s a Gift
  • When a single flower blooms, it is spring throughout the world.
    This is Zen in a nutshell. Our whole world lights up when our mind is at peace, when we are happy within. And, it’s all doom-and-gloom if our mind is indisposed. When the flower of mind blooms, it is spring all around. The question is how to ensure that this flower blossoms and remains in bloom? How to care for this flower? The Zen Mind is the Flowering Mind 
  • In even one drop of water, no matter how tiny a drop, the water’s great value doesn’t change at all! If you can’t understand this value of one single drop of water, no matter how hard you train you’ll never become someone who can give life to that training ~Gisan

Why did life ever bother to wake up?

Have you thought about it? Why are you awake right now? As in, what are you doing on this planet, what are you going through this life for? Same old, same old, or something different? I will tell you why I think we are awake. It is so we may rejoice in the splendor and glory of this infinite universe. It is so we may appreciate the good in ourselves and others. We are awake so we may let go of ourselves on the exhilarating journey of merging in the Divine. We are up so we walk through the garden of life where lotuses are blooming in one pond here and hedges of roses and lilies are dotting the park there. There are mosquitoes too around some shrubs as there are butterflies on the marigolds. It is quite possible to sleepwalk through the entire experience or be awake to fill yourself with indescribable beauty. Learn about The Great Awakening from Sleep.

Deep Awakening Quotes

Awakening can happen to any of us, at any time. The best kept open secret is Oneness. If you are questioning the purpose of your life, you are already on the spiritual path. What comes next? Click To Tweet
  • Be aware that transience and impermanence are the ways of samsara. Let’s be compassionate and graceful while we are still here. It’s worth it.
  • Like a river infuses life while it meanders about and before it merges in the ocean, our life’s purpose is the same — live fully and merge in our own greatness.
  • “When the Buddha was enlightened under the bodhi tree, he saw the morning star and exclaimed, “How wondrous! How wondrous! All beings from the origin are endowed with this same bright clear Mind to which I have just awakened!” For forty-nine years the Buddha taught that each and every person has the possibility of awakening and that this opportunity to awaken is the deepest value of being alive…
  • “We too can be born and can die under flowers, can finish this life as the Buddha did.”
  • To be able to watch your life and your emotions without reactions and judgments, like your soul watches you, is a profound and rapid path to self-realization.
  • At times, I feel our race has a penchant for turning everything into a problem, a trouble of some sort. Even the beautiful act of meditation is a problem for most of us. We approach enlightenment as if this too is a problem we need to solve somehow. The truth is, we just have to have a big heart and be open to possibilities.

Deep Powerful Karma Quotes

As you sow, so shall you reap. Nature’s Law of Karma is absolute with every single action accounted for. Are you willing to take ownership of yours?  Click To Tweet
  • So it is with our karma, we can’t just sanitize our past actions. They remain with us, on us, around us. Every word we utter, action we do, thought we pursue, it all adds up.
  • Your karmas travel with you over several lifetimes. There is no escape. It is what is karma – what we do that determines what we get. They deserve your most exceptional attention.
  • While it is necessary to take care of wealth, family, and body too, we remain accountable for our own actions and responsible for the consequences thereof. When good karma is your benchmark and the basis of your living, you experience peace naturally.
  • Your physical karma has a telling impact on you and your immediate surroundings; plus, it has an impact on the whole world. 
  • All verbal karmas leave behind a psychic residue. Words uttered by you have a great impact on your mind and consciousness as well as on the mind of those at the receiving end. Learn about the Karmic Trail of three types.
  • The subtlest and most powerful of the three karmas is mental karma. It leaves behind a permanent trail; an imprint that is hard to erase. The origin of all karmas of any type is a thought. The pursuit of a thought is mental karma. It has an immediate impact on your mental state, a lasting impact on your consciousness, and an everlasting effect, however subtle, on your mind.

Deep Self Quotes

Are you questioning the purpose of your life, your existence? These deep soul quotes may give you some of the answers you seek. Life is beautiful. Click To Tweet
  • Beneath low self-esteem is the underlying feeling of I-am-no-good, a subtle sense of shame. If you experience it then please know that someone has banked on your vulnerability and infused this feeling in you because it is impossible to feel shame on your own
  • Do self-affirmative meditation. Start by writing down the things you are good at, jot down stuff you love about yourself, write down how you would like your body to be (don’t be afraid of dreaming). Sit in a comfortable posture, take a few deep breaths, and recall all the good things you just wrote. Make the list once and feel free to add to it but meditate on it before going to bed every night. 
  • Learn to appreciate and love yourself; it requires firm belief in yourself and some self-acceptance.
  • When others are out of mind and out of sight, you may eventually forgive them, or forget them, the pain caused by them may subside over a period of time. However, you cannot go away from you, you cannot run away from yourself, you are always in your mind, your acts cannot go unnoticed by you.
  •  A sense of lacking even when you seem to have everything, a feeling of negativity for no apparent reason, a kind of melancholy, an inability to sustain your blissful state are mere signs that you have been a little too hard on yourself, they are symptoms of your own unforgiving nature towards yourself. The Freedom of Forgiving
  • The necessity of forgiving others reduces dramatically when you start to forgive yourself.
  • The more you learn to forgive your own actions, the more unaffected you remain at others’ actions. 
  • When we are honest with ourselves, when we stay course, patiently chiseling away, with persistence and discipline, Nature reciprocates without fail.
  • The more I am in love with my life, the bigger my heart will be to practice compassion and loving-kindness towards others.
How to forgive yourself

Deep sad quotes about life

The most painful thing in the world is holding onto grief like a prized possession. Why does life seem so challenging and insurmountable, sometimes? Will we ever be able to get out of this endless dark road?

  1. Sometimes, our pain is very deep and real, and we stand before her very silent, because there is no language for our pain, only a moan. Night’s heart is full of pity for us: she cannot ease our aching; she takes our hand in hers, and the little world grows very small and very far away beneath us, and, borne on her dark wings, we pass for a moment into a mightier Presence than her own, and in the wondrous light of that great Presence, all human life lies like a book before us, and we know that Pain and Sorrow are but angels of God ~Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

2. Sadness is a sneaky emotion, you know. Just like it doesn’t matter how well you feed yourself, hunger starts tugging at your stomach within a few hours, it doesn’t matter how happy you are, sadness with or without its cousins (grief, anger, guilt, melancholy, resentment, fear, repentance etc.) sneaks up on you quietly. 

3. Gratitude is the antidote to intense sadness. 

4. To serve others is the surest way to rise above your sadness and serving humanity is assuredly the greatest means of belonging to this world. 

Yogic way of healing

Deep Positive Quotes

Experiencing a life of compassion, beauty, hope and joy is not just possible but probable. And guess what? It’s all in your hands! Click To Tweet
  • To experience peace in the world, you must be at peace within. And the more you are at peace within, the more centered you will be.
  • The more truthful and real you are in your thoughts, speech and conduct, the more positive and happy you’ll be.
  • Hope, positivity and happiness are the birds that live in the nest of contentment.
  • When you no longer feel positive about your actions or goals because you are afraid that life may just go jelly on you, remind yourself of all the times in the past when you felt the same but each time your fears proved wrong.
  • Being positive is a matter of mental preparedness.
  • Being positive does not mean that you hide in a cocoon and hope that all good things will happen automatically, it is about working towards your goals regardless of what comes your way.
  • You must have a certain level of acceptance and love for yourself before you can be at peace with who, where, and what you are, figuratively and materially.
  • The world will not remember us for what we kept to ourselves but for what we gave away. We will not be honored for what we could have done but for what we did. We are not respected for our potential or talent but for action. We are not valued for the intentions we have but for the outcome we deliver.

Deep Short Love Quotes

Love is life. And this is the only reality. These short and deep quotes on love say so simply and sweetly. Click To Tweet
  • An unfulfilled person cannot love others abundantly, let alone equally. For, to give love, you’ve got to have it in you.
  • A peculiar attribute about love is that you can’t feel love unless you already have it in your heart.
  • You can’t have love unless you give it.
  •  It’s only when you consider yourself worthy of love that you are able to fill yourself with love. 
  • Love: a state where you equate your own well-being on par with that of the other person.
  • Love is not as much about perfection and compatibility as it’s about understanding and harmony.
  • When two people act blinded either by their own desires or their individual preferences, love takes the hit. 

Deep Abuse Quotes

Don’t put up with abuse. Period. If you are still having second thoughts, these quotes on abuse show you why it is never okay to live in an abusive relationship. A life of dignity is your birthright. Own it. Click To Tweet
  •  If your partner is the abusive type, no matter what, exit, move out. It is unlikely that his nature is going to change, it is highly improbable for that relationship to ever get better. There can never be a reason for abuse nor any justification.
  • Emotions are stored in the form of images and words. Even in the case of people going through physical abuse, the physical wounds may heal over time but it is mind’s uncanny ability to store and recall thoughts in the form of images and words that causes the greatest grief.
  • In your quiet moments, when you recall painful incidents, you naturally feel indisposed. The more you try to forget them, the heavier they become, the faster you try to run away from them, the quicker they get to you. At that moment, even the most promising methods rarely work. There is natural healing and there is conscious healing. Natural healing can take a long time, sometimes, never. What Happens when You Erase Pain from Your Life?
  • Healing of the mind is almost like returning to your original state of peace and bliss, of joy and happiness, of compassion and tolerance.Heal yourself; you owe it to yourself. Treat yourself; you deserve it. Be yourself; you are worth it.
  • Paint the canvas of your life with the colors you fancy. Erase the pain and allow yourself to heal.

Deep Anger Quotes

A mind free of anger is the next best thing to a mind free of thoughts. How can you overcome your temper? Where does it come from? These quotes on anger have the answers.

  • Feeling depressed, angry, constrained, down, pensive, and so forth are merely the symptoms of an emotionally wounded person. Like I said once, it means you are still hurt somewhere within, the pain is still there. You may have simply denied it. That is not going to help beyond a certain point. It is not worthwhile to fight the symptoms. Go to the root to heal yourself.
  • Have you noticed how we have the least tolerance for certain things and people in life? The moment we have to face those episodes or people, most of us simply fly off the handle. We may regret it later on, but deep inside we tend to believe that, “I got angry because they set me off, they triggered it. That, had they had their house in order I wouldn’t be angry to begin with.” I suppose it’s so convenient but this is a poisonous view. Poisonous because now we have shifted the responsibility of our behavior onto someone else. The truth is, whatever be the case, we always have a choice.
  • You keep waiting in anticipation for someone who’s long dead (not necessarily physically but karmically). Their past actions, unless removed from your consciousness, continue to fuel anger and negative feelings in you making you increasingly sad, angry or frustrated with your own beautiful life.
  • Practicing onlooking equanimity, that is to act and speak with evenness of the mind, when under stress helps you in avoiding situations you may regret later on. You can never be hurt by words you didn’t say. How to free yourself from anger?
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