Life is an aggregate of ceaselessly unfolding sequential moments, a potpourri of experiences, a medley of the tendencies and proclivities of the mind; an unmodified collection of psychic imprints, that have been traveling with you, over lifetimes, making you who you are. It may be time for emotional healing, time for transformation. How?

Often people sincerely vow to do something, to form a habit, carry out a plan, meditate, exercise, but somewhere between their resolve and actual execution, they lose motivation and action. They want to be disciplined, they even try hard to break their patterns, yet they often end up doing the reverse of what they sincerely wished. Does that mean they were not serious in the first place? Were their goals a little too ambitious? Actually, not quite.

Today, I bring to you a vital piece of information. It will greatly help you towards emotional healing and transformation. Let us say you carried out the practices of silence, resolve, solitude, and concentration for your mental transformation, you further started practicing gratitude and tolerance, elevating your emotional state to steady and blissful. However, there are memories that still bother you, incidents you cannot get over, people you cannot forgive, things you cannot forget, and so forth.

You want to forgive, to forget, to move on, to get over it, yet something deep-rooted in you, perhaps the pain, the anguish, stops you from being yourself, from being happy.

If you can heal yourself of most, if not all, major untoward happenings in your life, you will experience a blissful state without even going through the rigors of meditation. In this post, let me introduce you to the thesis; the next one will detail the actual practice.

There was a guy called Bo. A high-level executive, in his mid-forties, working for a large organization, Bo had a happy family with a loving wife and two kids. However, he was often battered by episodes of shooting pain in his right knee and wild mood swings. He was physically fit, all medical reports were fine. Nothing could explain his knee ache. As for the mood swings, they happened even when he was on vacation when there was no stress of work. To make matters worse, he experienced it more in a public setting.

When in such a state, Bo often said things that hurt his wife and damaged their relationship. He would later apologize but the impact of the apology almost vanished, for, the pattern of verbal bashing and subsequent apologizing seemed intertwined and constant.

They tried many things without success. One lucky day, they came across a genuine healer. He advised them to recall and narrate the major incidents of his life, especially those where he had experienced grief and pain, physical or mental. A few hours later, they figured out the cause of his sudden appearance of physical pain and mood swings. It turned out that Bo was bullied in school.

One particular time, a bully gave him a nasty blow to his right knee with a baseball bat. The blow did not break his knee but he cried out loud in excruciating pain. His wailing and howling immediately got the attention of many and he was promptly given medical aid. The bully was expelled from the school and no one ever pestered him thereafter.

However, that experience had found a permanent home in Bo’s mind. Whenever he passed by stores, if he saw a baseball bat or even any memorabilia linked to that sport, he experienced pain in his knee. It all happened in the subconscious mind; he was unaware. Shouting became his coping mechanism. His mood swings were triggered at the sighting of anything linked to baseball, especially the bat.

Whatever you experience in life, everything you do or go through, leaves an imprint, a psychic imprint on you. These imprints conjure up your thoughts, chart your tendencies, your habits, your nature, and almost everything about you. There are many ways to wipe out undesirable imprints. There is a yogic method and there is an intellectual one. You can find them here: Emotional Healing- Two Simple yet Powerful Methods



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