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  • Staff Firmware Engineer

  • And here I am living, despite it all

  • A child. A beginner.

  • Introvert, Pro over thinker, book lover and beach soul. Love good conversation.

  • I am a student ,a fifteen year old a girl with an extremely sweet tooth, a Baker at times, a bibliophile , an ambivert , a devotee and an aspiring scientist.

  • For near about 22 years it is Light...Camera... And Action...Professionally.En route I found My Master(w as searching from long)...Desires never died....Full of flaws i am..a tiny sand in the day i will merge in that ocean...

  • Om Swamiji's disciple, striving to be mindful, compassionate & forgiving. A Pediatrician, Child & Newborn Liver specialist by profession. Work at Miracles Hospitals, Bhopal (M.P.), India.

  • A new me is getting born under the shade of my Guru, Om Swami Ji. ❤️🙏

  • Forever a student in the school of life! I love:Love,faith, compassion, gratitude! Believe in and also try to follow, Live and let Live🤗 Self Discovery, is in progress!😃

  • Who am I to question existence? I am a seeker and want to understand the minute to grand mechanical parts making this plane of existence possible.

  • A part of Supersoul✨

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