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A Game Called Who Am I?

Start your week with this game and story, for some fun, inspiration and reflection!

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A Personal Reflection from The Rainmaker and...

I hope that you read the book and experience its fragrance.

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Poems That Inspire! (Part 1)

Sharing some of the poems that inspire me...some that have inspired many besides me...

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A Death and the Blessing it Contained

The first conscious recollection of the power of devotional singing

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Why do we do what we do?

What is it that inspires us to really transform? What inspires us to truly...

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Krishna Duryodhana Samvaad – a Personal Take.

As Swamiji says, each time we do what we say or decide, our will...

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A prayer for forgiveness!

What is there to hide that is not already known. O soul lay bare...

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