Subhash's Writings

Learning to Grow

This poem is about what I have learnt from my children.

Strawberries and Fulfilment

The excitement of growing strawberries in a Bangalore balcony

The Universe Conspires for You if You’d...

Some experiences of Grace working through Its instruments to spread Kindness

Handling Grudges

Questions and learnings on mental wounds

Handling Criticism

A method I use to manage my thought patterns when faced with criticism


Some learnings on when one should fight and why

Be Positive – It Could Be Worse

Another learning on retaining a positive frame of mind

Fooling the Mind to Positivity

A technique I have used to develop and retain a positive approach

I Have No Time

Some learnings on time management

The Best Compliment from My Children

A lesson in parenting that starts with the parent, not the child

Things Kids Don’t Know

Some thoughts on the interaction and knowledge exchange between elders (especially parents) and children

Open Your Mind Before You Open Your...

Regulating words becomes a powerful tool to win over people. Sharing a few observations,...

How I Learnt to Recite the Bhagavad...

A personal experience and journey.

You and I

A poem about Guru and Shishya


Poem written by my son, Naman 2 years ago. Sharing it here as he...