We often come up with situations that end up in arguments. Once in an argument, we are driven to win by our natural instincts. So, we go out all guns to defend our point of view, to prove the other person wrong and win in the end. But what does this help us achieve?

Both sides exhaust themselves out and the object of the argument could end up being wasted entirely. I’m sure this has been happening with you at home over things like placement of furniture, what food to have, what to buy… at work over project plans, work methodologies… with friends over where to spend the evening, the weekend, the list could be endless.

Could this scenario have turned out differently? Like this below?

The end result of being open to the other’s view point is generally healthy and results in the best use of the object of the argument.

But then, this requires an effort from both sides. So what if you have read this article and the other person has not 😀. Here’s another possible scenario.

I’m not answering all possible scenarios here but do spend some time to delve more into what the cartoon depict. You can see that a lot of questions get answered, a lot of situations you would have gone thru may look different now.

So what if the other guy is completely wrong and its necessary for him to know the truth for any useful purpose?

That’s for some other time.

So long for now.