We are really happy to share this book we released today – 14th March 2022. 

Our children — Naman (aged 11) and Stuti (aged 9)— two very happy souls, bundles of joy and exuberance—have time and again exhibited expressions of the innocence and creativity that accompanies childhood. 

Childhood is a time of freedom – a time when unconditioned, innocent, and pure thoughts flow naturally. These beautiful thoughts reflect in many forms in a child’s expression – words, paintings, play, art, in fact, in almost everything. 

Naman and Stuti have been blessed with being able to give words to their imagination. This book is a compilation of poems and stories they have written. These works sometimes express deep thought and at other instances, the beauty of life – two sides of the same coin, represented by the siblings. 

We haven’t launched this book with an intent to make it a commercial success or achieve a great sales score. Neither do we seek any specific recognition or praise. We just felt we should have a record of the sweet memories our children have granted us. 

As a side effect though, it would be very gratifying to have a LOT of people read this book and post feedback, a reminder to Naman and Stuti that they have been wonderful children, spreading happiness in their path. 

The book is available on Amazon and Flipkart. Kindle edition will be available in 2-3 days. To cover the costs of printing and distribution, we have had to put a price (the minimum that we were allowed to). We’d be glad if you could order a copy as a sign of encouragement. A review on Amazon would also help immensely. 

If you’d prefer that we send you a free copy, please let us know and share your address. We will send a copy by post at the earliest.  

Thanks for reading this post. 

Link to order on Amazon here.  

Link to order on Flipkart here

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