Its back all right,

And again I fight,

With all my might,

Or rather every bite.


Yet it stays tight,

I feel not light,

Although it is slight.


But consider my plight,

With trousers gone tight,

And paunch in sight.

Not so much fright,

But none to delight.

As for my height,

Weight’s just about right.


What did again ignite,

Were delicacies in sight,

Taste buds did excite,

And indulgence in delight,

Satify a large appetite.


Well-wishers – they cite,

That real awkward plight,

Not far in sight,

Occur that it might,

If in this fight,

I lose my might.


Now hold the bite,

Refuse temptation, be polite,

Be so a fortnight.


And next time despite,

Gone thru this plight,

I still just might,

Have again to fight,

When sense I delight,

And back all right,

Will be the stubborn 1 KG!


Note to readers: Please don’t try to make much sense of this piece. I just experimented playing with words – writing 4 words in each line and all lines except the last in a rhyming pattern. This poem is almost like a sequel to my post “The Price of Pizza”. That’s why is starts with “Its back…”. You could read that one too at the link provided. 😊