Kapil's writings

4mo ago

Me and My Stick

Me and my stick

8mo ago

Devi Devta and Festival of Spirit

Processinon and palanquin/doli of devi and devta leading to spiritually and emotionally charged environment

1 year ago

Karma – Relationships – Personality Types

What do we carry over lifetimes - Perspective of a Dog

1 year ago

Modern Nomad

Life Mobility Comfort

1 year ago

Do Medals Matter?

Observations from the field of OLYMPICS

2y ago

Chess Yog

Teachings from the board of chess

2y ago

Gods, Giants and Yeti

Do we really know?

2y ago

Self Sustaining Townships

Future lies in not just mega cities but more so in small self sustaining...

2y ago

Dive into the Ocean of Self

Discovery Exploration of Self