Folk religion/ shamanism is a wonderful way of connecting to the different facets of consciousness .. which Carl Jung may term it as archetypal traditions of connecting to collective unconscious.. In India too Folk Hinduism is integrated into Hinduism specially in southern India / Himalayan region and many other remote regions.. Yesterday attended a ritual of doli ( palanquin) of deities in foothills of Garhwal himalayas ie. forms of Devi and Devta based on the various Shakti forms / local kul Devi and devtas .. the doli/ palanquin had energy of its own and would turn on its own blessing few of the seekers, those who received the  blessing told of the strong energy and powerful sensations they felt..with rythmic drum beats and spiritually charged environment many started crying, jumping , shrieking and many moving in ecstasy .. had seen this in videos/ heard from people but never close by .. some may say it’s stupidity but one can vouch for the strong emotional release attained through this .. if not anything can vouch for the psychologic healing process ..good part not seen in other places  was the powerful priest/ shaman hugging and comforting them and allowing the emotions to released through tears and through love rather than shouting .. later the priests also went in ecstatic trance, throwing energetically charged turmeric rice and incanting words indicating possession of local deity and providing oracular advice to seekers .. I was watching from but far but later suppprted by the priest too fell in trance and felt emotional release though unlike jumping was more of release through tears and pranic blockage release, which felt through Yogic Kriyas allowing prana to move and be in trance like ecstatic state with smile coming from within and bonding with the priest in connection with oneness, with him stating to another seeker that devi at that time was present in both of us.. was a unique experience .. had experienced kundalini activation earlier yet this felt amazing as had never seen such environment where many could connect and release so easily.. logical mind later still had doubts to mental power of priests having effect yet it was more than mental powers but using means to connect to the deeper consciousness/ archetypal energies. Later found the priests had to follow a very strict diet and purification practices before the process to enable connecting to the divine..whatever the explanation this is best form of psychotherapy healing and though cannot be alternative to spiritual , physical and mental purification, daily yogic practice and connecting with yogic teachers.. but powerful and healing nonetheless specially in an era with no means for emotional release , community connection and forgotten ancient traditions of connecting with the divine