We live in today’s culture where being sophisticated and refined is an imperative. Even in spiritual circles there could be a long list of pre-requisites . Agreed some may be required as we are living in a society and humans if set too free  can behave like monkeys 🐒 

Yet our education and sensibilities have created a habit of suppressing our nature. We become too stiff, hardened blocking our emotions, bodily movements thus our muscles creating tension which keeps accumulating. Even while doing yogi postures we are asked to keep our spine straight. This is essential yet sometimes we miss the point as I earlier did that must keep it totally relaxed too else we are again stiffening  our energy instead of allowing its flow. 

We suppress sneeze, yawn, belch which our natural manifestations to release. We walk, speak keeping in mind expectations of others instead of allowing natural movement  to and speech. 

We need to learn so much from kids whom we teach thinking they nee learning instead it is adults who need it. Let’s express more and impress less. In this highly chaotic connected world let’s be happy and natural