In the spiritual journey many of us can be naive and consider ourselves superior over normal souls who forget yogic do not follow a disciplined life . I too had this opinion for some time. 

Slowly I am realising that few of these people though live unhealthy lifestyle, are indiscipline to the core yet they have few qualities which I found difficult to replicate. They are many such people in close relations. Some care nothing about money or material belonging, some ready to give their share of favourite food to those who visit them, some even in the most noisy surroundings be calm like a zen monk , some are not affected at all by difficult situations, some do not plan too much and get over anxious over it but just take things as they come. Some think of others more than they think of themselves. 

Yes, all of them have their share of weakness and some have more than others yet the point is there is good in everyone. We do not need to be self critical and blame  ourselves for not facing these qualities as we too have many qualities which we ourselves may not realise but others can see.

Sometimes our perception only sees the fault in others and also ourselves and ignores the goodness and we start categorisation as this and that. But the thing is even some of the dieties are masters in one quality and not so in others. For each quality we may be worshiping a different diety. So it’s the good part which is innately in us we could nurture and improve.

Of course it does not mean we ignore the bad habits and live recklessly. But we must accept that we are all unique people with inherent goodness and be less critical . I am writing this as a reminder more to my own mind than others and this habit of self talk and journaling I find a great tool to train the subconscious.

Salute to the greatness in all the readers of this post.😉