We are living in Information Age with lots of data present and shared amongst electronic items everywhere. Jobs of data scientists is in great demand nowadays.

But this is not only data which is relevant. We must not forget that our body itself is sharing data with us, so too our energy our emotions and at a deeper level even our soul. Here we need to be calm and attentive enough to learn to listen to them and understand what is being said. When our stomach is full it sends signal to stop eating yet first do not give much attention to it, then even knowing the sense pull is so strong we are not able to respond to its what is being said. Data is bring shared by our skin texture, facial expressions, energy levels. In fact there is constant communication and sharing taking place everywhere we just do not know it or not able to connect to it.

This is also like WiFi connects internet from modem to our mobile/laptops. Here modem is sending WiFi signals but our laptop is not configured well enough to receive these signals. We just need to bring it in alignment. More open and in harmony we are the better quality of signals we receive from everywhere including the divine.

Masters are able to connect to the data at different levels and receive signals at will and thus are the true Data scientists and connected beings. If we as a society need to truly evolve we need to learn to connect to this data and learn these skills.
Hope the IT professional in you understands.