TV has been called idiot box by many. Is the box which displays the content called so or the people watching it I do not know. Whatever I myself am an ardent TV watcher.

Times have changed though, we no longer are in Doordarshan era of antenna nor are we even in cable era of long lasting tv soaps of saas bahus. 
This is web series era where there are no restrictions no censors, creativity is emphasised though commercial creativity could also mean manipulative creativity also. 

Good thing there is plethora of options available, and one choose their preferences , though that itself is a difficult thing and energy consuming exercise. I personally have got new habit of watching oriental- Chinese, Korean, Japanese series where they portray their ancient culture, folk tales in a very beautiful manner be it Buddhist / Taoist philosophies gods and demons, amazing dresses, music etc. Didn’t expect cultural and religious extravaganza from Chinese communist  channels though yes China has a very rich culture, though repressed at present non- China Chinese do still follow the same. 

Sad thing though is India with such extensive folk tales, rich history, mythology at least is not visible in such web series. Instead most crass and disturbing content shown as creativity. 

Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, Chanakya and various TV serials were there in 90s but now are the channel makers not getting such content or people not interested OR Media has become politicised not sure . As they Media is interested in showing the opposite of what really is there. Not blaming Media in entirety but as an audience  would love to see the vast knowledge, stories presented to kids, younger audience and also older ones as a form of edutainment as it is one of the easiest means of reaching people .

This group has a vast audience and an intelligent and creative one too. Hope someone may get inspired to produce and help a poor audience with some interesting drama 😉😀