The Pandemic changed many patterns of living or strengthened some.

One of the major ones being places of work and living. Many had been living away from their parents in metros, a fast lifestyle with mechanical pattern. This pattern was broken for many. Thanks to digital mode of working snd no need of office some moved back to their small towns albeit temporarily at least providing them some time with meeting their parents or close relatives and old friends lost in contact since aeons.

For some offices opened in between and they had to quickly move back . This turbulence in lack of stability around what home is where you stay may stay or may get over. But it made us think of this concept of who we stay with , places we stay at, people who are important now or earlier and we would like to again get in contact with since we have forgotten them for find time but feel close to them. Such pattern breakers are required times required and this one was a mega one in terms of contemplation, reprioritising, sometimes even surrendering to the situation.

For myself had settled for some days of comfort at one place, however the divine had other plans and made me move temporarily to a new location. Felt like a modern nomad though what have preferred to be a nomad living in a remote valley but as they say we have to play according to the divine drama so not sure where I will be asked to move next and accept I am just a ‘ Modern Nomad’ living in concrete walls instead of a yurt. I love yurts though:)