For many their life goes by yet they cannot discover and understand their purpose. Whereas some start showing their inclination even at young age and take that path early. For each the path and time taken to understand the path is different. 

Now the question is do we really understand our purpose or it is just an image we created or identified with. The purpose we believed could just be an interest we became passionate about deeply or a pattern or image created by our parents or society that was easy to identify with.

For many as they discover the different levels of Self, definition of purpose can change over the period of their life. Earlier it may just be an aspect of material world one identified with so purpose may be just to give oneself the material happiness. Yet as we dig deeper a whole new revelation may take place.

Self enquiry and reflection helps in understanding not just the purpose but also discovery of self at different levels. As we become aware of our thoughts, behavior, patterns by observing them daily and identify how we react/respond we can go deeper to see what makes us what we are currently and then we can delve to see what we need to do different to become what we want to be. What are the layers beneath, how are they connected and interact with each other are few other questions? The process is long yet necessary and at one stage one has to dive to see what is beneath the ‘ocean of self’ that we may never have understood. It can be enjoyable too if we do this like an explorer and applaud each new discovery we make.

So let go of fears and dive into this Ocean to discover your true self and it will be a whole new discovery.