So much has  been written on karmas, reincarnation and related topics by gurus and respected experts that  I dare not touch it from philosophical perspective.

Was just observing a stray dog which was adopted at my sister/ brother in law place due to pressure and also need of my young nephew (with some restrictions which too get broken sometimes). Thought came to my mind how karmic cycle of animals take place and differences in stray and adopted animals. 

The stray dog was adopted (though in a more detached manner) at a very young age. One could not differentiate it from a high breed pet dog ( though who knows it’s parents/ancestors may too      have been adopted at some point) . From where of these tendencies of a pet / stray – friendly / aggressive come  – Is it genetic / karmic / based on environment it lives in and the love and affection it gets OR a combination of these ? 

It shows all behaviours seen in pets – getting to know from far when the master is coming and whining, wagging tail and jumping around when he comes. Even jumping and sleeping on the bed at times when no one is seeing , biting expensive sandals. 

There lives another dog nearby now a stray who was a earlier a pet however was abandoned later . It is aggressive towards other dogs specially this dog possibly not liking the love it gets or aggrieved due to the love it misses – a hurt due to the abandonment? Or was it’s nature itself the cause of abandonment as it could be seen biting and resenting other dogs specially seeing them happy. So common among humans . 

Whereas this dog so naive was still lovingly going playing and asking to be played even though was recently attacked by the same dog. 

Even among humans we see some who are living lives of grief and trauma based on past difficult experiences whereas some rare ones who inspite of being attacked, trodden keep faith in love and keep their heart open knowing from somewhere they will still receive it no matter what.

What type are we and even though we know which one will be more happy How can we behave like that one under all circumstances?