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5mo ago

Me at 36 : Defining a Life...

The Flight of My Life is in Cruise Mode. Time to look back and...

12mo ago

Time to Introspect?

Have I done justice to the privileges I have had

12mo ago

Enhancing CXO’s Productivity Using Black Lotus

What is common between Jack Dorsey and the RARE framework on Black Lotus?

1 year ago

Living Like a Champion

Discovering a Real Life Hero #TheWriteChoice

1 year ago

Black Lotus App, The Panacea?

Black lotus app is growing at phenomenal pace and I can't keep calm

2y ago

First Steps of Improvement

Set goals, build a plan and follow it with discipline #TheWriteChoice

2y ago

Action Packed Aprils

April, when the real action takes place! #TheWriteChoice

2y ago

Meaningful Engagement Activities for Kids

My top two recommendations for Kids this summer

2y ago

Overcoming the Paradox of Covid 19 and...

How to be most helpful to others during this 2nd wave of pandemic

2y ago

Life Lessons from Baz

Sometimes, when you mess up big time, it's ok to laugh it out

2y ago

Parenting Hacks

The children of tomorrow are built by the elders of today, patiently, one step...

2y ago

The Dance of Desires

Deconstructing the analogy of forbidden fruit and life hacks to tame desires

2y ago

Graduating the “Course of Life”

The answers to most important questions of our life are not taught at universities