“There are powerful moments when a community comes together, moments in which each individual feels his or her energy directed to common purpose. At such moments, we can experience ourselves as transcending ourselves; the group energy has raised us to new heights” By Rabbi Edward Feld

If there is one act that has stood the test of time across the human civilization without losing its intensity, then it is the act of prayer. Call it Dua, Arji, Pooja, Mantra, Jaap or any other synonymous word depending on what school of thought (read religion) one is talking about, the power of prayer has been fundamental in breeding the emotion of hope. Hope is the string that holds our lives together tightly when the weight of life decides to head in the direction of Gravity. Hope takes a human to unfathomable depths.

Hope has the power to connect one to the source. Below is verse from Emily Dickinson’s – “Hope” is the thing with feathers

Hope is the thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops at all

At this juncture when the world is experiencing an unprecedented burst of fear on where we are heading with the pandemic of COVID-19, it is time we humans sit down and take a moment out to do the act which we have done time and again, send our message to the source with a hope. The power of collective prayer cannot be underestimated and there is no doubt on the magnitude of its effect. The mechanics of it is explained in detail by the Swamiji here using a concept called Pin Prick effect.

Given the restrictions over group interactions to stop the pandemic spreading further, gatherings of any sort are totally out of question. But there are solutions which enables people to sit down together and offer their prayers at the same time in the form of meditation. The Global Meditation option in the app Black Lotus  is one such unique solution that helps people across the globe to sit down and meditate (pray) pin pointedly on a single common thought to bring a profound effect on the universe and send our cry of hope. There are many other digital collaborative mediums now available with the increasing restrictions on public gathering. Do your best to organize or be part of virtual praying sessions to send out the message of hope.

So, in this season of work from home, I would request each and every one of us to be part of
“Pray from Home “sessions and extend your energy to the collective prayer. This is the least we can do to subside this pandemic that has thrown humanity its latest challenge. I am confident, as always, we will come out good at the end of this phase.

Rajesh Kodukula