Rajesh's Writings

Graduating the “Course of Life”

The answers to most important questions of our life are not taught at universities

Take a Break

Taking a break from routine is like adding salt to your cuisine

Humour: A Mysterious Emotion or “Gift from...

Nurturing Humour on the Path of Spiritual Evolution

The Plant of My Life

An analogy for my life and Swamiji's influence on it

The Good Bacteria

It is good habit to dedicate some part of our life towards betterment of...

From Quantity to Quality : My Experience...

Sometimes realignment of approach leads towards the path of extraordinary benefits

Lucilla and the year 2020

What I learnt about planning and ambitions in 2020

Commentary on The Grand Design of Universe:...

You are the lords of the creation : Aham Brahmāsmi

World Suicide Prevention Day –10th September

When All is Not Well, Just Speak up

Commentary on The Grand Design of Universe:...

Did God create the Universe or did it create itself?

Commentary on The Grand Design of Universe:...

A series of articles comparing conclusions about the universe from the best minds in...

The Power of Collective Prayer

Hope and Prayer go hand in hand.

Courage to be Kind

Build the Courage to be Kind.

The Best You Can

Time to raise the bar of kindness.

The Two sides of the “Kindness Coin”

The world today needs more kinder people than ever before