I sat in the corner of my study room and put on my VR headset. I switched on the app in my mobile and I was teleported to Sri Badrika Ashram. As I walked down behind the residential buildings towards the Giri river, the murmuring noise of river started to intensify. I could see the mountains intimidatingly closer to my AVATAR

As I reached the banks of the river, I could see my feet trying to navigate through the mix of pebbles and rocks. I chose a bigger piece of rock that was right in the middle of the flow and was dry enough to seat me while the Giri river gushed on either side of me.

I sat in my meditation pose, I switched on my favorite music ” Morning Glory” from the black Lotus app.

With my eyes half open-half closed, with the music started taking center stage.  My gaze started piercing through the valley watching the river Giri flow ever so effortlessly, I entered into a state of peace and pause.

For the next 6 mins, the senses enjoyed the virtual world created around me, my mind focused on the flow through the valley. As the 6 mins got over, I started my journey back up the hill, I took a pause at the Yagna shala.

I walked into it and switched on Sadhana App on my mobile. I selected Gayatri Yagya option. No sooner I did that, an Avatar of Swamiji walked into the Yagna Shala. He got into his position near the central Yagna kund and I sat near mine.

Many of us sat together and performed a brief Yagna. The visual glory of fire and sonic hypnotism of Mantras ruled supreme for next 6 mins. At the end Swamiji blessed me with Prasadam and walked away into the distance.

I followed him as he walked towards the Sri Hari temple. As I walked into the seating area, the lights began to switch on and Sri Hari’s digital version started to emerge crystal clear. I selected the Sri Hari aarti option in the Sadhana App. The Avatars of all Ashram residents slowly emerged into the temple and we all performed aarti together.

The aarti plate moved effortlessly around Shri Hari, We swayed and clapped in his glory. Once again the sound effects took control of my senses

This mesmerizing 15 min journey is not any dream or part of my hallucinations. This is a vision of what technology can offer us in future. While I was reading through and understanding nuances of Metaverse, I was trying to find a best possible use case that should form part of my Metaverse.

The big corporations will make sure that the next generation starts living in an alternate world. The current versions of Meta (not the company “Meta”) that I have seen till now seem scary. There is too much of disconnect to the real  version of what seekers strive towards. 

While the entire tech world is gung-ho about building (and even forcing) their versions of a parallel world, I chose to imagine my. After all the entire intent of any technological progress should be to take us closer to the truth and not farther away from it. And the truth is, come what my, we all want to rest in the lap of divine. 

A shout out to all upcoming tech enthusiasts, Can we build the next technological revolution that fosters a sattvic world and takes us back to where our soul craves to be? Before new ideologies start taking over the upcoming generations, lets work with further more rigor to revive the ideologies that are eternal (Sanatana)

Jai Shri Hari