After Reading through this article from @komal I am tempted to look back at what I have learnt from life since 2012. Here are my insights to share with you all.


When you have your backs to the wall, Pray! The universe will surely answer them, sometimes much more than what you asked for. 


Make hay while the sun shines. Enjoy every moment (Gracefully) when its YOUR TIME. 


Don’t take the blessings for granted. Be Humble, Dot get carried away.


Life throws its biggest gifts at the least expected time, from a least expected source. Be open to receiving them


Don’t lose sight of your life principles driven by ambitions, sometimes everything ceases to exist and the only thing that you’re left with is mistakes and guilt.


The meaning of life starts becoming evident when someone special (and divine) casts their light on you. 


Our today is the outcome of our prayers from yesterday. Be mindful of what you ask today, you are painting for tomorrow.


Small habits define one’s life at large. Be mindful of your choices of habit. The deeper the roots, the stronger the tree. 


Live one day at a time. Life’s uncertainty is certain.


Enjoy every moment with your loved ones. You never know which one could be the last moment of togetherness. 


Its a privilege to be loved, It our duty to Love. Make sure to fall in Love, its the most powerful emotion. 

All the best for your preparation for 2023.