Early Retirement from material life and corporate responsibilities is a privilege that very few are blessed with, but partial retirement upto 1 month a year is indeed a possibility. Wondering How? Lets Discuss!

I am pretty sure many of us might have contemplated on how to dedicated more time towards spiritual  growth and reducing our involvement in material life. And most of the time the conclusion might have been “I have a family to take care of”, ” I need to pay my bills”, “I need to earn and save enough so that I can retire early and then focus on Sadhana” and so on. 

Hang on, For all the already evolved souls reading this post, this is a problem for commoners like me. 🙂

I strongly believe that more than 90 % of people on this platform today have deep reverence and Bhakti towards Swamiji and would want to spend almost every second of their life in a world that Swamiji has created for his family. Last week, While I was contemplating (for the nth time) of a scenario what if a person decides to sit down and just be part of the world that Swamiji has created and also finds ways to feed the family by monetizing the opportunities available. 

Disclaimer : The intent of writing this post is to build awareness towards living a balanced life and not to look at the suggestions below from a totally materialistic perspective.

So lets jump on to some of the initiatives that Swamiji has started that offer a purpose to life and opportunities to support your monetary needs 

1) os.me

When Swamiji famously opened up the os.me platform to each and everyone of us, it was launched with the Karma Program as its backbone. Swamiji compassionately decided to  share the earnings with the members who make os.me a better place with their writings and interactions.

While the core intent on any content on this platform revolves around Kindness, compassion and Empathy, the Karma program associated a value to every interaction and Inspiration the user creates at the platform via their posts or comments.

Few weeks ago the platform was further opened up for interested users to moderate the content on platform. Again purpose driven and passionate users get an opportunity to be a “Samurai” and to lead & grow their passion to a global scale, entirely based on their learnings, truth and life experience.

The Opportunity

On an average if a member writes 1 post per week of moderate quality then there is the probability of atleast 10-15 posts being get featured. While all the 52 posts have opportunity of attracting comments from people, the featured posts get more eyeballs and even more comments. By maintaining high density of Inspiration and Interaction by the end of year the member can earn somewhere around 12000 – 15000 INR in a year.

Beyond your own posts, the member can participate by reading and interacting on others posts. And then there is the “Q&A” section. 

Once the member chooses to become a Samurai and gets selected below are the benefits

a) An honorarium of Rs. 5,000 per month for fulfilling all conditions mentioned under the Samurai’s role.

b) Cash prizes of Rs. 100,000, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 25,000 to the finest Samurais at the end of 2023. Decision based on best managed ideas (per readership, quality of articles & engagement).

Overall with a involvement of 8 hours per week, once can look at a fixed earning of around INR 75000 and opportunity to earn the further 25000 as bonuses if done well with managing the idea of your Samurai Profile.

Now if we put this amount into context, this is a good amount to run a family with moderate expenses in India for 1 month.

2) Sadhana App

Sadhana App is a non profit organization but one way to support the mission and at the same time look to support material needs is by developing skills that are the core requirements of the Sadhana app development. If you are from the tech background then major skills around Mobile app development and maintenance could be very useful to pitch for a Job. UI/UX related practical experience and hands on skills in 3D unity could be very useful in my understanding.

I also saw some messages in groups for temporary roles of transcriber in Sadhana team. Knowledge of Sanskrit should able to land a part time job whenever there is an opportunity.

3) Black Lotus

At this point of time I am not aware of any means by which one can be part of the mission at Black Lotus and at the same time get some meaningful remuneration. But there is always an opportunity for people who are good at Mobile app development associated skills or content writing.

4) Wildr

 Wildr is the latest brainchild of Swamiji that is all set to revolutionize the social media world. It is the world’s first toxicity-free social network. You would notice on the website that “Monetization features coming soon!”. So gearing up with one’s content creation skills will help 

In a nutshell, swamiji has not only given us a roadmap towards spiritual progression but also opportunities to support our material needs so that we do not get lost in our corporate jobs and lose sight of the actual goal.

With upto 1-2 months of spiritual vacation up for grabs, one can focus on contributing part time on the above endeavors and reap the benefits of free time to focus on one’s Sadhana. 

Thank You!

P.S. Requesting you to add in comments if there is any more information that can be useful to the readers.