At this point of time, when the thought to write down this post arrived in my mind, I am sleeping comfortably on my bed thinking how to start my day. In fact this is the first thought that has occurred to me as I wake up this morning.

Its 8 AM IST ( Ya a bit late to wake up I know). At this very moment, the people in Wellington New Zealand are getting ready to plan for their Saturday night, the kangaroos in Arid’s of Australia are having a lazy afternoon, The hoteliers in Bali are busy welcoming new check-ins for the day, its just about sunrise is Abu Dhabi, the insects in rain forests of amazon are making loud creaky noises while most animals go to sleep, my friends on the bay side in US are busy in their Friday night party.

This moment on earth is “slower” compared to the corresponding moments on Venus and Mercury (In absolute terms the day would run faster, hence every second is “faster”) while its other way round for planets farther away from sun. 

What is currently transpiring at other locations in the milky way or in fact in other galaxies is beyond my comprehension. 

I know its a bit confusing for you where this article is heading towards, but to be honest at this moment, while I am contemplating on my bed, I have no clarity either.

But one thing that I can clearly understand at this point of time is that while we are so caught up in the “me-mine” world, parallelly zillions of other small actions are transpiring in this universe. 

We never knows which one of this zillion acts can lead to the next world war, next comet crash to planet earth, next pandemic or the next NEXT. So at this moment I will try to focus on living the most of the millions of moments that my life is made of instead of worrying, over planning and getting into analysis-paralysis.

Wishing a mindful weekend to everyone.

Have a Good day Family.

P.S. By the time I actually finished this post  28800 moments past and our very own Samurai had published a post on similar thought Carpe Diem