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  • Pharmacist-Musician-Lyricist

  • I'm a husband to a beautiful wife, father to 3 little kids, and a disciple of Om Swami. Like many of my guru brothers and sisters around the world, I'm in the process of lighting my lamp and am relishing the spiritual journey.

  • A crazy cuckoo in love, singing glories of my Mother Divine; a teardrop at the pink lotus feet of my Master, a nobody, just a happy bundle of life, full of my Mother's joy who only wishes to spread loving kindness, smiles, hope and compassion around, truthfully treading the path that my Master lights in his playground. I am not a Bhakta, I am not a Gyani, I am not a worker for the Lord. These are only what I aspire to be blessed as. What am I then? A tool in the hands of my Master, a flute blown by the Divine Enchanter, a leaf driven by the breath of the Goddess - that's all the labels I would wish to identify with to introduce myself for the rest will fall off anyways.

  • Bridge player and software developer.

  • If you want, you can email me at [redacted]. That is one of the happiest pic i have of myself.

  • 18 Year Old Struggling Spiritual Seeker.

  • A Seeker

  • Starting to write my story... The one that starts with peace and ends at peace

  • I am offering complete surrender and devotion to my beloved Guruji. My existence to my love, Sri Hari Ji, is my Divine Ma in the form of Om Swami! πŸ’“πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ’“ Feel free to reach out to me at sonasriom@gmail.com

  • A child of Divine Mother, on a journey to reach her within ❀️

  • A seeker in search of true meaning of life, an interior designer by profession, and a lover of music.

  • os.me Samurai for Anecdote and Poem 'I dream too much and I don't write enough and I'm trying to find god everywhere.' - Anis Mojgani

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