1 year ago

Discovering Vilochana

An intrinsic quest on a cryptic journey. Spiralling in the vortex of eclecticism.

2y ago

How the Black Lotus App Inspired Me.

A wondrous story of self-esteem, achievement and progress.

2y ago

My Favourite Attachments

In love with attachments

2y ago

What Will You Wear ?

For Zoom Satsang

2y ago

My Date Went Very Wrong

A Terrible Dating Experience!

2y ago

11th May 1996- The Day I Joined...

We don’t lose, we just run out of time.

2y ago

Catchy Title: This is My Breakfast for...

A very mundane and nonsensical post.

3y ago

Beautiful Human Being

A lovely post full of character.

3y ago

Exercising with Divinity

I am sharing my fitness routine.