My Ego Journal: Keeping track of my Ego

You have maintained Meditation and Self-Awareness Journals. Well, at least some of you have.

Have these brought you the success that you want? Only you will know.

I am not here to be the Judge and Judy of your practices.

We have all been urged to discover our own truth, so here I am with the Ego Journal.

One may use the Ego Journal to keep track of their ego.

What does it look like? It follows the same template like the one here.

But you use it differently. See below what I write in it.

What do I write in the Ego Journal?


I’m grateful for: 1) being able to inspire the glorious members of os. me to reach their full potential. How? Find that answer yourself. No more spoon-feeding.

                                     2) being allowed to walk on this planet and provide all living beings with the honour of my presence.


I love myself because:  1) I haven’t found anybody or anything quite like me, which has skyrocketed my self-appreciation.

                                                 2) everyone else that I know (that’s 3 people in total) loves me, so it’s my duty that I love myself as well.


I would love to learn:  1) to teach people how it is to be me. Hint: It’s like a walk through Arkham Asylum. Fun and full of surprises.

                                               2) how to ensure that everyone can be in my company, at least once in their lifetime. That would be a game-changer for them.

The Ideal Me

If I could I would be:  1) the way I am throughout each and every birth on whichever planet in whatever dimension.

                                              2) with you in all of your homes at the same time, to explain to you the intricate nature of my insanity.


Final words

Why run away from what’s inside you? 

Embrace your ego, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Image Credits: Google Images (mind it to find it)