The Weaker Sex

During these past months a deep realisation has dawned upon me.

Men are being disrespected in this world. We are seen as the weaker sex when it comes to fashion.

I once overheard a heated argument between a man and his two wives. Both concubines were screaming to the man (he  was searching for his third wife on a dating website):

” You never dress up properly. We have to dress up for you in this family. How long can we carry your weight in society?”

A social initiative to strengthen the “weaker sex”

The above incident got my blood boiling and I mean proper boiling. My inner being said: “Take responsibility and do something for your kind”

Thus I came up with a social initiative aimed at improving the fashion sense of husbands all around the world.

I thus propose that the old fashion of Banyan be revived. Let me show you how one can use Banyans to become fashionable again in society.

Below you will find 3 occasions where banyans might come in handy.

Occasion 1: 4 month old-Baby Learns to write

Your 4 month old baby has learnt how to draw a lower case L (so basically just a line). As an elated householder, you might want to invite some of your fake friends around for an informal dinner to celebrate the occasion.

What could your husband wear on such an occasion? Why doesn’t he wear a Blue silk damask Banyan like the one below? Please be aware that this garment is open at the centre front.

Occasion 2: Your son has achieved a lower grade than the daughter of your nemesis

You are a wife and your nemesis is a woman whom your husband keeps looking at every time you go to pick your son. Now the daughter of your nemesis, has achieved a higher grade than your son. The nemesis has now invited you to a celebration party. What should your husband wear? See below this banyan with influences from Persian and Asian fashion.

Occasion 3: Your husband plans to steal your child’s lunch

Your husband is consistently unsatisfied with your cooking skills but actually  finds that the lunch that you prepare for your child is delicious. So he plans to steal the packed lunch one of these days. You overheard your husband’s plan when he was speaking with your nemesis over the phone.  How do you dress such a traitor? Society needs to be aware that your husband is up to no-good.

Those real life situations described above by myself can crop up on you in no time. Keep this post in a safe place to be used in case of above such emergencies.

Keep the peace with your husband but most importantly keep a piece for your husband.

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