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Why Black Lotus App (BLA) Matters?

You have all heard about Black Lotus App (BLA). BLA does matter and it’s providing some cracking results apparently.

I am reliably informed by an experienced Black Lotus User, that the app is being used by important and abundant people to grow their personal lives. 

These high achievers and trendsetters have gone further down the path of enlightenment than ever before.

BLA has even been used for rather mundane purposes such as meditation or mindfulness.  

However, in my case I have no time for such mundane tasks and duties. My aim and focus is much higher and more pertinent.

How has BLA helped me?

Well to be honest, I have never used BLA, but you know what? I know someone who uses it regularly.

When I heard the name Black Lotus App, I was charged with a sense of purpose and passion.

This sense of purpose and passion has transcended my ability to perform daily dishwashing and cleaning duties at home in the kitchen.

Crucially, BLA has provided me with a clear blueprint on how to clean dishes, mop the floor and extract dirt from the deepest corners of the sacred space that we call “the kitchen”.

By the way, I think one should always make sure that you clean one’s kitchen as soon as one finishes one’s dinner. Even if my belly feels like its about to explode with pasta ,BLA  gives me the resolve and the grit to perform my tasks.

BLA gives me balance and a sense of poise

We have all been there when there are too many dishes to wash. You feel overwhelmed and under pressure. 

Will I be able to wash all these dishes and then clean the floor?

Well, just thinking of those magic words BLA and I regain my balance and a sense of poise.

Strategically, I usually begin with the hardest dishes to wash and then I scrub away with vigour and enthusiasm. 

Do you want to know what dish washing liquid I use? See below.  This is not an endorsement but it’s a very effective product.

How the black lotus app inspired me. 2

And then I move towards my brooming and sweeping duties for which I use: 

How the black lotus app inspired me. 3

I usually start behind the oven because that’s where those residual paneer crumbs hide.

There is a true sense of self-concept and self esteem that emanates from accumulating the garbage and then disposing of it in a respectable manner. 


Never be afraid to use this amazing BLA to perform the real duties of this world. As I have said, I have never used it. But the words BLA are just magical.

Don’t be shy give it a try, and you will be left with a smile so wry just like Mona Lisa when she was exhibited in Versailles.

If you want to hear more about my techniques of cleaning and sweeping, feel free to ask questions below. 

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