As youse all know the next Zoom Satsang be coming up on Sunday morn.

Have you all decided on what you shall be wearing on that day?

I haven’t really decided, have you? Now I am a magnanimous person who is always seeking to help others better themselves (ahem).Henceforth, I am writing this post to make you be mindful in selecting your attire for the Zoom meet up.

Now you  might be aksing yourself why is it important to decide on what to wear for an online gathering. Well let me remind you of something. We were given some tasks to perform in the last Zoom Saat Sang. We had to go to sleep 40 minutes before we normally do, and we had to behave properly specifically with regards to speech.

According to research which I haven’t read, choosing the proper attire can convince others that you are an early riser and that you are a person whose boli is that of a koyal. 

If you are like me and you have completely not been able to perform the tasks allocated in the last Saat Sanga, then having the proper dress code can make a massive difference in the eyes of the world. After all, one does not want to lose the respect and admiration, that one can probably gain from strangers on a platform such as OS.ME. By the way do you like the new Logo? I am unsure myself.

All in all, this post was to alert you to pick and choose carefully you attire for the Zoom Bhojan this weekend, Feel free to comment below of course.


I will leave you with what Sheku Spear said :

“To be properly dressed or not to be properly dressed for the occasion”.  

That is the existential question.