I am going to narrate to you my recent dating experience which ended on a bitter note.  How did it go so wrong?

So, I picked up my special date from a location near my regular gym. My special one was waiting there in among the crowd, just like I hoped. It’s quite convenient not having to spend time looking around and wondering whether I would be able to spot my precious.

Having picked up my little sweetheart, I wondered if I should also get a cup of coffee before I drove home. However, I thought it would be sensible to not spend too much time outdoors during this pandemic era. I thus decided to drive home with my precious present next to me on the front passenger seat. It was a very quiet drive home. As I gauged from reading the online details, my lovely date was brought up in a place that was known for its calmness and quietude.

Nonetheless, I decided that some music was needed to make the drive home a pleasant one. So, I took it upon myself to switch the radio to Heart FM. I could not really pay attention to the music as I was desperate to get home for that special moment.

About 10 minutes from my place, I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I palmed it away and disregarded it as a figment of my imagination. However, now I know that I should not have ignored this crucial detail. Sometimes, we are so thrilled and pumped about a certain illusory temptation that we forget to look at reality. Other times, reality gives us a clue but we choose to look away.

I finally reached home and I cautiously led my date inside. Just as I was on the verge of slipping my special date in the fridge, I noticed that the whole packet had expired and I could not really consume that one special date that I had my eye on. I now realise that I had seen the expiry date in the car but I chose to ignore it.

I had actually planned to make a protein bar from the rest of the dates but now the whole dating experience had gone wrong and left a strange taste.

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