Hello strangers on this platform, back again with another awesome post. I want to tell you about my true love for attachments.

My favourite attachments 2

By the way did you read my Zoom Satsang post? Do read and comment. Don’t be reticent in your praise and adulation. 

Now back to this present gem of post. We keep being told that attachments are bad and it leads to nowhere. They are a burden that you will have to carry for ages and can lead one down a dark path.

However, in this post I will expose and expound on my favourite attachments and I will tell you how attachments can lead to good things as well.

Favorite Attachment 1:

My favourite attachments 3

The above you can use it for your triceps and of course make sure you keep your elbows in the correct position. You can also use it for doing face pull which is becoming quite a popular workout nowadays.

Favorite attachment 2:

My favourite attachments 4 

This is an attachment that you can use to do lat pull downs and it allows you to vary between narrow and wide grips. If you want your back to have wider definitions and get that Xmas tree shape this is a good attachment to use. See I told you not all attachments are bad.

Favorite attachment 3:

My favourite attachments 5

Now lads and lasses, this attachment is really good for seated cable row and once again that will work your back muscles. 

Favorite attachment 4: 

My favourite attachments 6

Now the above you can also use it for seated cable rows as it allows you to have a wide grip and can give those love handles a bit of workout. It’s good to love , I heard but remember handling too much love can be detrimental. 

Favorite attachment 5: 

My favourite attachments 7

Now this hand grip attachment is pretty neat to use if you want to use the cable machine to work out your chest. You can do horizontal movements as well as high to low movements.

Attachments mein  Anand Hi Anand Hain.  Haan ke Nah? Milao haath bajao taali.

Now there is one attachment that I did get rid of in the gym. I do not use my phone and neither do I listen to music because music is a crutch.


Har har Gange.

PEAS: Photo credit Giphy. 

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