Having read Swamiji’s latest post “Will you regret it?”, I have decided to go ahead and launch my new babe. Below is a brief outline of this new venture.
A Magic Mantra will be given at the end of this post as a gift to you dear reader. 

What is my new Venture?

Product Name: GrihasT Pro 
Solving your relationship troubles one wipe at a time.

My Wonder Vision

Reduce friction in the Grihasti between partners. Friction grows as each partner takes each other for granted. GrihasT Pro caters to your need. It revolves around a magic mantra that works wonders.

Our Nietzsche Market

GrihasT Pro focuses on partners who have been in a relationship for at least 5 years. We target both married and unmarried couples of any sexual orientation.

My C-Crete Sauce

Our Secret sauce is to bring harmony and friendship back between couples by encouraging them to engage in cleaning duties together

Our high end research indicates that harmony is energised when couples come together when they are aligning their cleaning tasks.

Our mission is to make couples understand that cleaning is an art and that this will bind them together harmoniously. You will feel like you are on a permanent holiday on the Isle of Crete.

The Magic Mantra.

Sai Kholo Jee.

Now what guarantees success  for the couples  is the mantra. Chanting the magic mantra while cleaning will deliver spectacular results.

We show you how to chant the magic mantra whilst doing your cleaning duties together. Sai Kholo Jee


So go ahead get yourself GrihasT Pro.

If you are interested, contact me on my business address below:


This post is dedicated to my darling Kim Eestri and her adopted brother Baio Loji.

Also a big shout out to my behavioural therapist Dr Fiz Hicks.

Pic Credit: Wallpaper Better