Kaise ho sab log.

I just had a nice little breakie. By the way this is a very nonsensical post, so feel free to skim through it ( if at all).

Catchy title: this is my breakfast for today 2


Once again, this is a very mundane post. Feel free not to comment. My ego will not like that, so that would help.

I am only writing these words so that my word count gets to 150.

Yes, so below you shall see a picture of my breakfast today and the calories that come with it.

 Catchy title: this is my breakfast for today 3

The Mint Chocolate Rice Cake is a proper boys’ snack. It does contain quite a bit of saturated fat, so one has to go slow on these things. The satsuma of course is full of Vitamin you see, so not much to add there.

Now the Soya milk, you have to be a bit careful. But it tastes fine, so live a little innit?

What else? I suppose I will add a little Youtube video to wash it all down. Here is Amitabh Bachchan  

Now I shall go and have me lunch. Cheerio (or Dosa whichever you prefer)

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