First of all I want to say that you all are beautiful human beings with great character.

I am very proud that you are reading this post, very proud. This is going to be a great post that will no doubt be featured(wink, wink). A great post needs to have a great theme. And you can bet that the theme here is absolutely fantastic.

The theme here is all about me acknowledging, praising people I meet in my daily life. As a divine being, my intention is to make sure that I say something positive or praiseworthy about the different people that I meet in my daily interactions.

I truly believe there is always something nice to say to each and every person I meet. At the very least, I should be able to offer a nod or a smile.

There are so many different phrases that we can use. For example:

  • “You are bursting with radiance today, I am very proud to be in your presence”
  • “That’s a very nice attire, you carry it so well”
  • ” You have such nice posture”
  • ” You are looking particularly resplendent today”


Now onto the most important bit. Why am I doing this? Well, it’s all about that “silent ego boost”. At the end of the day; I want to say to myself, “Well done my lad! You have served humanity well today.”


I shall conclude this post with a few quotes from my favourite Tv show, Brooklyn Nine Nine:

“When somebody says Good Morning, they mean hello”

“When somebody says hello, they mean how are you?”

“When somebody says what’s up, it means I am not a person worth talking to”

~ Raymond Holt


On that happy note, I wish all you beautiful human beings a lovely week full of character and please remember this.